View Full Version : Knitted hidden mickey baby blanket

09-25-2005, 01:25 PM
Hello everyone,
I have been looking for a pattern that I could use to knit "hidden mickeys" into the edge for a baby blanket. I can knit, but I am not good enough or familiar enough to do this myself- therefore I am reaching out to the community.

I was thinking something like a garter stitch or a woven basket stitch for the main body of the blanket and then doing something that would give a row of large circle on the lower row- running and then two smaller circles "ears" above the larger cirlce row to make ears....all that would run across the top. I understand that the "row" of large and small circles would actually be many rows- does this make sense?

Any suggestions?

Other wise I was thinking of making something similar with a rag/chenielle quilt- using cutouts that are clipped to make the fringed mickey ears.