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09-15-2005, 11:06 PM
I've done the search and read all the posts on Kennedy Space Center and I"ve also visited their website, and I'm still undecided if its worth it for our family to take the day to do KSC. We will be going on a 4 day cruise in Feb and then are spending 3 more days at WDW. HOwever, we are arriving 2 days in advance of the cruise. I've been to Cocoa Beach before, and there doesn't appear to be a lot there to keep us occupied for 2 days unless we do KSC (Don't think the beach will be much of an attraction for us at beginning of Feb!). Our kids will be 9 & 6, and I can't say they've shown much interest in Space. After reading the reviews, it sounds like my kids ages are on the bubble for whether or not they'd be bored or if their interest and stamina could be maintained for the day? My husband would like to go, but he's not really pushing it....so do we spend those 2 days at WDW, then drive to Port, cruise for 4 days and then back to WDW for 3 days, or do 2 days at Cocoa Beach including KSC then cruise then WDW? Anyone been in similar dilema? Jo

09-16-2005, 03:05 AM
I would definitly do KSC. I am not a space person nor had the kids (girls age 9 & 11 at the time) shown any interest and we really enjoyed it. Theres a lot of very cool space stuff that you just can't help but find exciting and all the wildlife you see is of interest also. The gift shop was a ball and even though you think it might be boring, it really isn't! The imax movies are very entertaining and interesting. We did the lunch with the astronaut and it was worth every penny extra and made the day for us. Good luck with whatever you choose.


09-16-2005, 01:46 PM
I'd do one of two things: either send your husband with the car and you take the children into a Disney park, OR book the Lunch with an Astronaut as part of your KSC day (your husband will definitely love it and the kids should enjoy it too).

In all honesty, they are probably just a tiny bit on the young side to fully appreciate KSC if they aren't already space buffs. Our 7 year old was interested in some of it, our 9 year old was interested in a bit more of it and our 12 year old thought it was 'pretty cool'. Lunch with an Astronaut was a hit with everyone (though the 7 year old was most interested in the lunch itself).

09-16-2005, 10:28 PM
My daughter was very interested in the educational/hands on stuff in the buildings but totally bored by the bus ride out to the launch pads etc. She is very science oriented but at that age being in the bus was not much fun.

09-16-2005, 10:49 PM
We just visited the KSC right after our 4 night Wonder cruise. We had spent 6 days at WDW and then the cruise. My 12 DS is a big space fan. I wasn't very impressed with the day, and to my surprise, my son wasn't so thrilled either. We were very tired because we just got off the ship and drove straight to KSC. That might have something to do with our lack of enjoyment. My husband enjoyed it. We did the special bus tour, and some of the offerings in the visitors center (I actually fell asleep on the bus). I found it to be VERY expensive too.

I would wait a few years if I were you.

09-16-2005, 11:06 PM
We absolutely loved our trip to KSC! We went mainly because DH wanted to. Our boys are 16 and 12 so they were old enough to appreciate it and to "go along with it" just because it was something dad wanted to do.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed themselves. I have always been interested in space and our 12 year old is really into sci-fi type stuff. So we probably got more out of it than the regular person would.

About the bus tours...I would think about it with younger children. We definitely thought it was interesting and well worth the ride. We were also lucky enough to have some really great bus drivers. They didn't just play the movie and let us ride, they pointed out many points of interest along the way and shared things they knew about the property.

We enjoyed the IMAX movies and actually getting up close and inside the shuttle they have on display. The boys thought the best thing they did were the simulator rides at the Astronaut Hall of Fame. I saw plenty of younger children riding them...but I don't remember if there were size restrictions or not.

09-16-2005, 11:10 PM
By all means...take your kids to KSC!! They will love it. The mistake we made is not taking our kids to ENOUGH educational type places. :teacher: Now, they are totally bored by anything that is not an amusement park. Try to include educational stops in all your plans....if you don't, one day it will come back and bite you in the ......! ;)

09-17-2005, 01:04 PM
We were at your "undecided stage" a few months ago. We have took the plunge and decided to visit KSC also. We have purchased our tickets and are excited about visiting there. I think its gonna be a great place to visit. Good luck in making your desicion!

09-17-2005, 01:33 PM
FigmentGuy, you made a very good decision in going over to KSC. Then again, I may have a biased opinion. I love that place almost as much as I love WDW. I know I will never be able to actually fly up in a Shuttle but I can support and watch and learn more and more about the Space Program. Now, you are making me wish I could go with you. I will say to get there early. We got there late last September and wasn't able to do half of the place. We spent 4 hours on the bus tour alone. I know you will enjoy yourself.

09-17-2005, 09:26 PM
bubba73, Thanks for the advice. There will just be the two of us going. Neither of us have ever been so we are real excited. We plan on gettin there early and spending the whole day. We did get the Maximum access with "Up close and personal" tour. We will be doing this in the middle of our vacation as a break from Disney. After looking at the maps and what not...it doesn't seem real clear on parking and where to go for entry. (it appears the hall of fame is away from "main campus". Will we be traveling around alot in our car to different destinations?) Any thing you could tell me would be great. (wish you could come along too, and then we also wouldn't be walking blind) hahahaha. :smooth:

09-20-2005, 12:35 AM
FigmentGuy (by the way, I love your sig name. Figment is one of my favorites too), I wish I was going with you. You know that place has got to be buzzing since the Space Shuttle took off and landed for a successful mission. I know they are doing some work on the "foam issue" but that is being done at Stennis Space Center. If there is one thing I could do before I die (besides go up), it would be watch a launch in person.

As far as parking goes, you will go across the river to where the Museum is and that is where you park. You can't miss the front gate as it has a couple of statues on top of the ticket booth that look like Astronauts. When you walk through the door, they will tell you to empty your pockets (I believe) and look through your bags and or purse. Security is very tight but it has been ever since 9-11. That area is also where you can go through a full size Space Shuttle imitator (outside near where you get on for the bus for the tours). They also have an area where you can talk with an Astronaut, if you are there at the right time. Then there is the Rocket Park. If you are a space buff like myself, you will love this. They have it where you can get in spacecraft from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo to see how small and cramped it was in there. Plus, over there was the Astronaut Wall of Fame which I was not able to go see because the park closed and I got asked to leave. Then we did the bus tour. You are talking about a ton of history here.

I hope I haven't ruined anything for you. But I could really go back to KSC every year. When you go, if you think about it, take a picture of the Wall of Fame and please send it to me. I would love to see it.

09-20-2005, 05:57 PM
Bubba73, you HAVE to go to a launch. We saw the Columbia go up for its (last) flight (sigh, so sad...) and it is absolutely awe-inspiring! We hope to go again some day. If you've seen any of my other posts about KSC, you know we are big KSC fans; DD even went to Space Camp (Camp KSC, summer 2004- pretty big deal, a Mainer going to day camp in FL!). One day at KSC is never enough for us, as we never find time to do KSC and Astronaut Hall of Fame in one day. I recommend EVERYONE go to KSC at least once...If you are worried that your kids might be bored, get the ticket that includes just the basic bus tour and the IMAX movies at the visitor's center. It is definitely worth the drive out from WDW. Even if you are too tired for another "park day", KSC is easily managable on the "day off". We love KSC; only regret is we only get there once every year!

09-20-2005, 06:35 PM
Sounds great. Are there any discounts on tickets? We were planning to go after getting off the Wonder on Sunday, Nov. 13th. Anyone know if we will have time to make it for lunch with an Astronaut? Also, our flight is out of Orlando at 7:15pm. What should we see on this short amount of time? Kids are 10 and 8 and not huge space fans. Thanks for any help you can provide.