View Full Version : Pal Mickey $13.99 in Miami (Spanish only?)

09-07-2005, 03:58 PM
The Disney outlet store in Miami (Dolphin Mall) has tons and tons of Pal Mickeys just reduced this week to $13.99. However, all they had in stock were the en Espaņol ones. I picked one up, since Spanish is my first language, and for $14, it might be worth it for those of you with kids learning the language. I have no idea if the $13.99 price is only for the Spanish ones or if they just don't have English ones (the store is in an area where English is almost non-spoken, so the latter wouldn't surprise me). No idea if they ship, but the phone number is (305) 592-5901. The other Miami store, at Sawgrass, does ship, and I was there two weeks ago and they had a lot of English and Spanish Pal Mickey's for $27.99. I'm assuming they cut the price of at least the Spanish ones. Sawgrass store is (954) 846-7161.