View Full Version : YES!!!!! DH ok'd Feb trip...now i gotta start planning!!!!! HELP!!!

09-06-2005, 12:28 AM
Well, I managed to convince DH that we can afford a trip to WDW in February. We want to get a family vacation (just the four of us) in before my oldest DD starts Kindergarten next fall and we're tied to the Summer vacation route for the next 16 yrs or so!

Now I gotta start planning!!!!! I found the DIS last year after most of our vacation was already set and this time I want to know EVERYTHING! :earsboy:

First of all, I want to go ahead and book our rooms. I think we would like to maybe to ASMo this trip (we did POP this past Feb) unless anyone on here REALLY finds us a bargain on a moderate resort. So, my question is.....what has everyone's experience been with finding good deals on the packages at WDW? We have always just gone with the rate on the Disney website, but if there's money to cut, I would love to do it. We have four or us (DH, me, 4 yr old DD and 2 yr old DD). We would like 6 night, 7 day Park Hopper plus Dining. Any suggestions?????? Thanks!!! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

Can't believe we're gonna go again! Another trip to look forward to!!! :wizard:

09-06-2005, 06:49 AM
The best resort prices are during Value season, which runs until Feb. 15th so go before Feb. 15th to get the lowest rack rate on your resort.

If you have a AAA membership, you can save 20% off a Value resort or Moderate during Value season.

During Value Season: A standard room at a Moderate is $155/night (tax incl.) at rack rate or $124/night (tax incl.) with a AAA membership. A standard room at POP is $88/night (tax. incl.) at rack rate or $70.50 (tax incl.) with a AAA membership. A standard room at any other Value is $89.50 (tax incl.) at rack rate or $71.75 (tax incl.) with a AAA membership.

The dining plan would cost $37.27/adult (tax incl.) per night of hotel and $10.65 (tax incl.) per night for your 3 year old. Hint: There is currently no distinction between adult meal credits and child meal credits -- you can get more for your money by paying for your child's table service meals and using the saved credits for more adult table service meals. The dining plan would cost a total of $511.14.

From WDW, 7 day expiry MYW tix with park hopping are $237.50(tax incl.) per adult and $198.09 (tax incl.) for your 3 year old. Ticket total would be $673.90.

If you want to book a dining package with the AAA discount on the room, it needs to be booked directly through AAA. Otherwise, you could book the package directly with CRO. Currently, there are no general discounts for Feb.

Adding up the above, here are price totals:

6 night/7 day trip at Pop (rack rate): $1713.05 AAA rate: $1608.04

6 night/7 day trip at other Value (rack rate): $1722.04 AAA rate: $1615.54

6 night/7 day trip at Moderate (rack rate): $2115.04 AAA rate: $1929.04

I hope this helps!

09-06-2005, 08:21 AM
I was getting a rack rate of $1900.00 something for ASMo on the Disney site the other day though. We aren't currently member of AAA so I will have to look at that to decide whether that's the route we wanna go. Anybody else have any suggestions on cutting costs....a value would be great, but if we can find a deal to get into a moderate I would love to surprise my family with it...

We are going to surprise DD's with the trip for Christmas from Santa as part of their Christmas so that will be exciting, but since I will be doing ALL of the planning, I would love to surpise DH with a moderate resort stay if it's financial feasible for us. Thanks all....woke up dreaming of the mouse!!!! :earsgirl:

09-06-2005, 08:44 AM
I was getting a rack rate of $1900.00 something for ASMo on the Disney site the other day though.


If you got a quote for later Feb., the quote would have been higher since that is Regular Season when resort prices are higher. Also, when I ran a quote on Disney's site, it initially spit out the price on a preferred room. The quote came to $1730.53 for earlier in Feb. with a standard room at ASMo. Http://www.disneyworld.com also spit out a quote of $2124.91 for a Moderate in early Feb.

Edited to change quote price that was wrong because it didn't include child's park tickets.