View Full Version : Looking for Dates of Value/Peak Season for 2006 ???

08-23-2005, 09:35 PM
Anyone know the break-down of dates for 2006 for rate reasons or where I can find it???
I believe there is Peak, Regular, Value and Holiday Seasons or something like that...
Thanks for input :lovestruc

08-23-2005, 09:42 PM
Try Mousesavers.com or Allearsnet.com - they both have the listings.

Cheshire Figment
08-23-2005, 09:45 PM
Normally Value runs from January 1 to just before President's Day weekend.

Regular begins then and is interrupted by Peak/Holiday for about two weeks beginning about a week before Easter.

Value begins again on July 5 for the Deluxe and HAFH and begins in late August for everything else. It runs to just before Christams.

A few days before Christmas it changes to Peak/Holidya until January 1.

08-23-2005, 09:48 PM
I will check it out. I tried to find it on the Disney Site but couldn't. :disrocks:

08-23-2005, 09:53 PM
According to the insert in my disney vacation dvd

1/2 - 2/16
8/28 - 10/4
11/27 - 12/19

4/17 - 8/27
10/5 - 11/26

2/17 - 4/16

12/20 - 12/31

Hope that helps you out :earboy2:

08-24-2005, 09:08 AM
I thought the week before Thanksgiving week was always a Value Season, Not actual Thanksgiving Week, the week before that.......Must be getting a more popular time of year !
Thanks Again ! :wizard: :flower: