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08-21-2005, 06:51 PM
Hello, I just joined about a week ago, and just now had time to check out the board. Like what I see.

Brief intro:

Name is Melanie, Mel for short. Live in Central Ohio, though I was born in Southern Calif, moved to Seattle when I was around 4, and then to Ohio just shy of my 13th birthday. Was just me and Mom (passed away in 2002).
Though I state that my first OFFICIAL trip to WDW was in May of 2000, I had previously visited Epcot just a couple months after it opened, around the 1st week of Dec. It was a one day visit, with employers. I was sort of the odd person out in a 2 couple group (5 people total). At the time I was working as a show groom for an Arabian show horse trainer and we were in between 2 shows in Florida. But because I was not able to do what I wanted, but what the others wanted to do, it was not MY first trip.

I have been to WDW, including that Epcot excursion, 5 times, with March 2006 being my next planned trip.

May 2000, stayed at All Star Movies, and again in Dec 2002.
May 2004 I did a quick trip over Memorial weekend to stay with friends who were attending a conference at the Coronado Springs resort, which is where we stayed.
Sept 2004 was my Birthday trip and stayed at Pop Century. Thought I was safe from the dratted hurricanes, as when I arrived, Jeanne was out at sea, next thing I know..she is coming back. Least she hit toward the end of my trip. I was scheduled to leave on monday, and she hit Sat evening. Ended up leaving on Tues, so got an extra day at the World.

Oh I had made a pledge long ago I would get to WDW by my 40th birthday, and I made it just 4 months prior in 2000. I am a solo traveler and love it.

I also have made it to Disneyland 4 times since 1999. I am making up for a lost time :earboy2:

On my last trip in Sept 2004, I finally made it to Typhoon Lagoon and fell in love with the place, between Castaway Creek, Shark Reef, and the Lagoon...am looking forward to next March, hopefully it is open at that time

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Welcome to the DIS! :goodvibes

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Jump in anytime and join in on any forum - the more the merrier

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