View Full Version : Happiest Celebration on EArth Dvds??

08-17-2005, 07:25 PM
Ok so i know that they are normally found only at the resort, they are 4 different dvds, each for each park in Disney World. I saw someone selling the set on ebay for about $85, but with all the shipping its like $100. And on laughing place store, they are $35 each not including shipping. Does anyone know where i can get them any cheaper, or atleast know the price at the resorts so i know whats a deal and whats not? thanks alot!

and so you know what im talking about, here's a link to the laughing place store, all four are listed right on the front.


08-17-2005, 08:20 PM
If I were you, I'd call up WDW Merchandising and order it directly from them so you don't have to deal with the overinflated prices that others want. I don't know about these particular DVDs, but in December I picked up a couple of the park ones that were out and I want to think they ran $15 each - I don't think they were quite $20, but I don't know for sure, plus if these are new special ones it may be different.

I'm sure someone has the contact info for Merchandising around here if you run a search.