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08-15-2005, 07:42 PM
We're planning to go to Hawaii in 2007. We're planning to do a lot of things, reunion, vow renewals, and anniversary party. I'm the planner of the family so where do I start?!#@@$ I'm a little overwhelmed. As for the reunion, it's not much to it because my aunts and cousins live there already, so my dad has already said, we're coming home so it's a reunion. DH and I will be having our 15th anniversary renewals, any opinions on where we should have it and who we should go through? My parents are having their 35th anniversary, so we were planning on giving them a surprise party, any recs on what/where we should have that? We could probably have it in one place.

Has anyone rented a house there? We'll be staying on Oahu and there is going to be my parents, my brother and dh, 2 dd, and myself. We were thinking about renting a condo or a 3bdroom home. Any recs? It's not going to DW, we've been there so many times and it's just a 5 hour drive. Now it's real planning.

Lisa loves Pooh
08-15-2005, 08:47 PM
We looked into renting a house--IF you can get commitments..there are so many posh places (by my standards) and posh places (by the rich and famous standards) that could be split and accomodate a lot of people...and cost you less and be much much better than a hotel room.

My sister got married last September---they got an inexpensive package that basically they were married when they were finished. The reverend would go anywhere that was public and open. They opted for "Eternity Beach" which is located at the "blowhole" (as it is known locally--I forget the real name). I can post pics in a bit. It was beautiful. We had dinner at the Royal Hawaiian--but had we thought ahead properly---we would have done it at a restuarant at the Aston that would have been absolutely beautiful. Everyone paid for their own meal. One of the couples in attendance also had their vow renewal at the wedding. The reverand blew a conch before each ceremony. I will locate the pics and post.

If you have anyone military--the Hale Koa is a gorgeous hotel. Military can get up to 2 rooms per person. Different rate categories depending status and paygrade. My mother and aunt will be staying here when we go next October. My family will be staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village b/c we can do so for free for 6 nights. We are also staying on the North shore in a bungalow style motel just so we could be away from the touristy areas. We thought about the house--but b/c of our hotel arrangements and having to have everyone solidified and guaranteeing their portion, we elected to not do the houses. but would have in a heartbeat.

Google "Oahu vacation homes" "Oahu vacation rentals"--and any similar sounding names and you will find lots of stuff.

For CHEAP, INEXPENSIVE, and BEAUTIFUL flowers--we ditched the local florist and went with the florist at the Hale Koa. They were much cheaper than everyone else. Leis were $6...the grooms leis were a bit more. Her bouquet was simple as she wanted and cost a fraction of what local florists wanted. We felt like she STOLE the flowers. You do not need to be military to purchase from here. They are located at the hotel but are not a military business (I forget what that is called).

Lisa loves Pooh
08-15-2005, 08:58 PM
I think her wedding expenses were less than $500....she found her dress on clearance.

The location in daytime--with the tide coming in....

From above...it is a climb down--there is a path. My sister (The bride) and myself wore sneakers for the climb down. The wife of the vow renewal couple had mobility issues and she got down no problem.

the climb down

Hawaiian Bride

Wedding couple

Gotta get the feet wet (and that is the Disney Hawaiian dress I am wearing ;)).

My daughter wearing my lei (this is the lei from Hale Koa-it was $6 I believe last year).

Vow Renewal couple

That's enough for now! It was really pretty at sunset.

Lisa loves Pooh
08-15-2005, 09:00 PM
One last thing--this is where we would have had the wedding dinner. But after gawking at it for the first few days--by the time we thought to change our reservation there..it was too late.


08-15-2005, 09:20 PM
www.vrbo.com is a good site to rent condos or homes short or long term

Oooohhh...Blowhole is nice. That walk is kinda steep - my kids had an easier time than I did. lol

Hubby and I got married at Tantalus (atop a mountain) in 1991. It was public so we had strangers all around us, but folks were pretty respectful. You'll need a permit if you want it restricted. The pastor was a family friend and all I bought were our outfits.

If I were to do it all again I would have hired a company and picked what service I wanted (a la carte).

You'll need to narrow it down to the island and location....There's so many romantic spots for a wedding or renewal - beach/oceanfront, waterfall, garden, or mountainside. Do you/they have a preference? Even some hotels have a service or preferred company.

How about coordinating clothes? There's www.hilohatties.com or www.hawaiianmoon.com .

HTH :wizard:

08-16-2005, 06:51 AM
Aloha from Hawaii!

There are so many places to renew your vows...Kapiolani Bandstand, on the beach, Pali lookout, and more. You can ask your relatives where would be a great place.

There are many vacation homes on Oahu...that is a good option depending on where you want to stay. Many in Kailua and along the North and East shores. If you rent a vacation home that is on the beach...you could renew your vows at that home!

PM me if you have more questions.