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08-11-2005, 11:24 PM
Hello all, :wave2: my name is Kristen, 34, nursing student, EMT who loves DISNEY!!
Got two daughters 12 and 14....oh the agony :rolleyes1

Been to Disney 4 times, planning a May 2006 wedding, hopefully on a Wishes cruise.

The Lester Family
08-11-2005, 11:45 PM
Hello! :cool1: My family is trying to plan our first trip to disney for my daughter's 5th birthday. We hope to go sometime between Nov 18- 29. We are so bogged down :confused3 with info, that we still haven't planned our trip. I saw mousesavers listing of this site for those interested in renting points and it interested me. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks and good look on your upcoming wedding!! :banana:

The Lester's 3

Disney Dee
08-12-2005, 04:54 AM
Welcome to the Dis! :wave2:

08-12-2005, 09:12 AM
:cheer2: Have a great time here at the DIS!
Kirsten in Nova Scotia :wave2:

08-13-2005, 07:56 AM
WELCOME! :flower:

I'm originally from Baltimore (Dundalk)...now in Southern Marland. I am up your way often.

08-13-2005, 10:18 AM
WELCOME :banana:

08-14-2005, 05:48 PM
WELCOME :banana: :Pinkbounc :banana:

08-15-2005, 05:22 PM
Welcome to the DIS! Hope you have a great time here. :)

08-15-2005, 08:06 PM
Welcome!! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

Cajun Princess
08-15-2005, 08:10 PM
Welcome :wave:
Have fun planning your wedding :bride:

08-15-2005, 08:27 PM
Welcome! Enjoy finding out all the cool stuff on the site and have fun with all the planning to come! :jumping2:

08-17-2005, 12:21 AM
Welcome to the DIS! :wave2:

08-18-2005, 04:10 AM
:wave: Welcome to the Dis :flower: