View Full Version : I think my 16 yo DS finally understands me!(Sorry LONG)

09-01-2001, 11:02 AM
Yipppeee!!!! It took a near miss but he finally understood my point of view on something. It all started two days ago when he had a near accident at his job. He works for a company that pumps out septic systems (gross huh?) and he loves working there. That day he was riding along on one of the tank trucks and they were headed down a major road doing, according to him, the speed limit. Anyway, a car in front of them was consistantly puting on his blinker then turning it off then turning it on, obviously they were not sure where they were going and where to make their turn. My son said they were not slowing down, just turning their blinker on and off for about 6 miles. My son was eating one of those beef stick and cheese things and the driver asked him for a piece of his cheese. He looked towards my son for just a second and my son looked up to see that the car had finally found his turn, had slammed on his breaks and did not have on his blinker this time. My son screamed at the driver to look out. They locked up their breaks, began to jacknife and slid sideways directly towards a telephone pole. Thank God for watching and for making that driver very quick and a good driver because just as they went up on the right side three wheels, he got it under control, missed the pole and got it off the road out of traffic. They lost all their hoses, two shovels and all the rubber off their tires, but otherwise were fine. The jeep behind them had slammed on his breaks as well and luckily turned right into an empty parking lot so he didn't hit the truck. Of course the guy who started the chain reaction kept right on going, oblivious to what he had caused. My son and the driver got out as well as the guy and his girlfriend in the jeep and a couple of drivers that were coming the other way at the time and they all discussed what had happened. The other drivers said that they were SURE that the truck was going to go over. They were pulling a full load of and it's hard to control that much weight behind you in a skid. My son said that the scariest moment of his life was seeing that telephone pole coming at his side of the truck and feeling the truck bump up onto three wheels. MY SON WAS NOT WEARING A SEAT BELT AT THE TIME! After hugging him because I was so happy he was okay, I proceeded to yell at him for an hour about wearing a seat belt while he is in ANY vehicle. He knows better! After that, I phoned his boss and told him to thank the driver for his great driving and then I yelled at him for not making sure his drivers and passengers are wearing their seat belts! My son was furious at me for talking to his boss about it, but then came home from work yesterday and told me that he could understand why I was angry because he and the driver had talked about what could have happened and the difference those seat belts could have made. It's the first time he's ever come to me and told me he understood why I was upset with him! Oh happy day!

09-01-2001, 11:10 AM
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09-01-2001, 11:48 AM
Glad to hear your son is safe... Remind him to always wear his seat belt and to wash his hands before handling any food he's going to eat !!!:D

09-01-2001, 12:03 PM
Glad to here he is fine!! I'm also a big seatbelt advocate. About 2 years ago, my brother and I dropped my daughter off at school and then we headed to our college classes. As we pulled out from a red light, a guy on his way to work (drinking coffee and not paying attention:mad: ) ran the red light and hit us. I took the full brunt of the force as he hit the front passenger side of our car, where I was sitting. I only had a few injuries, but the police said if I had not been wearing my seatbelt, the force of the impact would have sent my flying over my brother and would have either knocked me out the windshield, or have at the least, broken both of my arms and legs.