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08-05-2005, 12:23 AM
My husband and I will be staying at the Radisson Resort Parkway for the first time on August 11th for 4 nights. This is our third trip to Disney World but previously we stayed at the Ramada Maingate.

Today I received an e-mail from Radisson saying that we could check-in up to 7 days early and print a form out which we hand to the express desk at the hotel the day we arrive. Part of the early check-in advantage is being able to choose your room ahead of time instead of being assigned one later.

My question is what are the best rooms on what floors to stay in? I reserved a standard view king size bed room. The most important factor to my husband and myself is a quiet room (not close to ice machine, elevator, or anything else loud).


09-18-2005, 12:48 PM
I have the same question! I'm staying off-site for the first time, and noticed that this resort is huge, and does give the option of reserving a specific room... but... WHICH room??? Anyone whose stayed there - please can you give us your room number and impressions as to its location and state of repair, etc.?? Thanks in advance!!!
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09-21-2005, 07:27 AM
I am jumping in here too! Think we might stay here in April...

09-21-2005, 08:21 AM
I just recently returned from there and I really injoyed my room. I wish that I could remember the room number and building number.

I used www.mousesavers.com link to get the $69 room in with the upgrade to a pool view.

I know that I was on the second floor and I really enjoyed my room view and room decor.

My windows were floor to ceiling glass with a inwall airconditioner that worked really, really well in the hot afternoon.

I could see the main pool, palm trees.

The approximate view to my left was the outside, covered walkway to the main lobby. Then the main pool. In the distance the large, raised whirlpool surrounded by palm trees. To the right of that was the back of the raised outside bar and grill. To the right of that was the raised toddler pool that was also surrounded by palm trees. And to the far right was the large water fall and slide of the pool. I couldn't see the other side of the waterfall mountain, but I know that there is another pool there with another smaller water pool.

My room was on the second floor, near the elevators. As I enter the room I saw the closet on the left with a raised, self programing safe lock. Then the stocked, small refrigerator with various drinks, and stuff. Their was no freezer in the refrigerator, and all of the items were in these single rows and columns. Similar to a candy machine. There was no way to remove the items nor was there any extra space to put personal items in there.

On the immediate right was the bathroom with marble tile flooring with door.

Continuing in the room there were two oversized full, or small queen beds that were covered in a white, fluffy, feather-type cover. I really enjoyed this. It looked like a sheet pocket covering the bed blanket that was changed out with the sheets. Then their was a easy chair next to the bed and window.

A great view of the pool while watching football on rainy days.

On the other wall was a large space, then a dresser with the TV on it, then finally a table with two chairs and then the air conditioner in the glass window.

There were two phones. One next to the bed and one on the table with high speed access for a computer. Also a gameboy type game thing for the TV.

The colors were very tropical and bright.

The lobby is very nice. A guest service desk on the left. Reservation, checkin desk on the right. Further down the left is a hallway to the gift shop with drinks, etc. and a entrance to the main pool and a covered walkway around the pool the the restaurant which has a nice buffet breakfast and regular lunch and dinner. Very nice inside. The bus transportation is near to the restaurant and it uses a Greyhound type of bus with no handicap access. If your mobility scooter folds down and can be lifted, they but it in the regular storage on the side/bottom of the bus like on a Greyhound bus. I didn't use this.

Back in the lobby, further down the left side is a grill with quick breakfast items, sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, Pizza Hut pizzas and a lot of variety of drinks in many see though coolers. They will deliver pizza along with room service from the restaurant. It is just as easy to go their and get the food.

Further to the left is a bar with a large screen TV.

To the right, a relaxing lobby with another water fall.

From here are covered, outside walk ways to several buildings with lush gardens, palm trees and waterfalls.

The pool is on the left, and a quiet sitting area on the right. I stayed in the building on the left above the fitness center.

The parking is located on the back side and sides of the resort with entrances through the back. There is no parking in the front and no valet.

So I guess that you could ask for the building above the fitness center and a room facing the main pool with all of the items that I described that I saw from my room.

I would stay their again. I really enjoyed the feeling of everything. It isn't WDW, but it is close, great rooms, pools, etc..

But this is just my opinion. Everyone has there own ideas of what they like and don't like. I consider myself an easy going kind of guy.

I also stayed at a studio at the WDW Boardwalk and I really enjoyed that room and location.

So remember that this is just my opinion and I am not comparing it to Boardwalk or any other places.

The things that I did like was:

1. The price.
2. The room with a view of the main pool with a full wall of glass.
3. The room with nice beds and covers and colors.
4. The powerful airconditioner.
5. The nice areas of palm trees, waterfalls and plants everywhere.
6. The nice black marble floor in the bathroom and hot, strong showers.
7. The nice, smiling, helpful staff.
8. The nice lobby with waterfalls and relaxing sitting area.
9. The quiet, outside areas with palm trees and plants and ponds.
10. The small grill that had chicken tenders and pizza and all sorts of drinks in their cooler. And O.K., the pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.
11. The small bar with the ESPN type of large TV screen on the wall to watch football at night.
12. All of the outside covered walk ways between buildings, to the restaurant, etc., in case of rain.
13. The feel of security within the complex.

Have a great time.

Sincerely, Ray

09-21-2005, 08:32 AM
Ray, thank you so much for all that detail! You made me feel a lot better about my choice of hotel, although our rate is not nearly as good as the one you got, I think it's still fairly reasonable (we have a package - $844 for 4 nights including breakfasts and WDW entrance tickets for 2). This is my first time not traveling in "value season" so I expected the rates to be a bit higher (end of October).
Anyway, your description did sound great.

If anyone else out there has a specific room number they can recommend - not too far from the entrance... ??

Thanks again,
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09-21-2005, 08:36 AM
Ray, what a great review. I think you sold us :teeth: for April. How long did it take you to get to the WDW parks? That is my only concern, travel time? Thanks again and if you think of anything else, I will be watching this thread!

09-21-2005, 08:44 AM
Ray, what a great review. I think you sold us :teeth: for April. How long did it take you to get to the WDW parks? That is my only concern, travel time? Thanks again and if you think of anything else, I will be watching this thread!

You're are both welcome.

It was very close.

I am pretty sure that resort is less than one mile from I-4, which 192 crosses under or over to WDW entrance. So if you remember how far the WDW is along 192 from I-4 to WDW entrance, then just add less than a mile to that.

Sincerely, Ray

10-05-2005, 04:51 PM
:earsboy: My wife and I stayed there twice - once in Novemebr for a business trip and once for our vacation for 2 weeks in August. We think it is a very good hotel and would not hesitte to say there again. In fact, I'm wondering right now about going down in Thanksgiving time. The pool was really nice - it has a smaller heated pool for cool days. It is very close to all the major food franchises so if you want different food it's there. (We went to Duncan donuts each day - about a mile up the street.) It's a very clean facility and the people were very courteous. When I even had trouble with my laptop, they sent someone up to help out!!! Also, the variety of restaurants is very nice and they have a well stocked store in case you forgot something. You don't have to worry about towels - there are plenty at the pool. When we were there in August it was very hot, 100's many days and because it's only about 15-20 minutes from DW we would go back in the heat of the day and cool off in the pool or take a nap. Noise was never a problem. The parking lot can get quite full but if you look around, it's not a big problem. I hope this helps you out. We will definitiely go back there, maybe even in November! :cool1:

10-06-2005, 01:00 AM
Trekker, do you by any chance remember your room number and location, and do you have any advice on which building or location would be good to request?
Also, did you use the wireless internet in the lobby which they claim is free now on their website. And was it also free (and did it work) in the room?
Thanks in advance for answers - I'm getting really excited - we arrive Oct. 16th! YAY!

10-06-2005, 07:23 AM
We have stayed in both the low rise buildings and the high rise. I don't have a preference but my wife likes the higher rise for the view. On a clear day, you can see parts of DW. I did do the internet check-in and it does work. When you get to the Lobby there is a separate line to the left where the Express check-ins line up. My experience was that it didn't matter for me, I still had to wait becuase there was a bus that emptied out and all of their staff was on the Lobby desk really busy. So, we waited like everyone else. But our reservation was in the system and when they found it , it was fast. We also decided to spend an extra $5 per day to have a small refrigerator put into the room. We then went to WalMart (about 5 miles up the street) and bought bottled water. We would then freeze 2 everyday to bring to the parks. We would each bring 2 bottles of water - 1 frozen and 1 not. The frozen one helped to keep us cool during the hot days in August. pirate: By the way, Pirates of the Carabbean was supposed to begin renovation soon, I wonder if it's begun yet? I envy you - October is really nice there and very low crowds! :banana: Oh yes, I used the internet both in there Lobby and in the room. They were both free of charge, just make sure you ask for a room with a high speed connection. The room internet cable is on the desk making it very convenient when you want to download your digital camera pictures like we did. Then, we'd email them to our relatives each night to show them where we'd been! :badpc:

10-06-2005, 03:37 PM
is this the hotel in kissimmee?

i have been looking at this - it is a four star i think.

it looks very nice.


10-06-2005, 04:56 PM
:moped: Yes the Radisson Resort Parkway is in Kissimee, about 30-45 minutes from the airport, depending on the construction and traffic. It is a very nice, family resort. The pool area is nice with 1 large pool, 1 separate heated pool and 1 large jacuzzi nestled among some rocks. We got a kick out of watching the little gecko's run all over the rocks. They're very skittish and take off if you even start for them. I have no regrets about staying there and intend to do so many times in the future. I hope you have a good time!!!! :Pinkbounc
Here is some details from their web site:
Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration
2900 Parkway Blvd, Kissimmee Florida 34747
Reservations: 800 333-3333
Telephone: (407) 396-7000 Fax: (407) 396-6792
Email: reservations@radissonparkway.com
Web site for all Radisson: http://www.radisson.com/
go to this site and then find the Resort Parkway!

10-09-2005, 03:25 AM
Thanks for the reviews! We are staying there for 2 nights at the end of November. Can't wait!

10-09-2005, 11:59 PM
I was curious how long it would take to get to Universal from here?????