View Full Version : Wonderful villa rental experience

Buttercup Roberts
07-26-2005, 08:15 AM
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post and rave about a house we rented this weekend.

A man we know from another Disney fan board owns it, and after years of thinking about trying a house offsite, I finally stayed there. The price for what you get is so amazing! Great subdivision, with a fairly private lot, too.
Very comfortable and clean and lovely home, we can't wait to stay there again. If we could buy it off the owner, we would!! :jumping1:

The website is http://www.elegantfloridavilla.com

It's in Clermont right off Hwy 27, just a short way north of 192. It was easy to get on and off property via Sherberth Road, which runs from 192 to where the Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Lodge are.

Lots of gas, groceries, a Walgreens, even a SuperWalMart are right there. Very convenient.