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07-21-2005, 09:31 PM
I've got enough points to get two nights free at any of these Choice hotels. We're planning to tack on a night at the beginning and one at the end of our upcoming Land/Sea Disney cruise. There's four of us, two adults, two kids (ages 7 and 4). We literally will just be using the room for sleeping. Not using the pool. But do want a facility with the free continental breakfast. I've narrowed it down to these four. Anyone know anything good or bad about any of these?

Comfort Inn Maingate West
Comfort Suites Maingate
Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista
Mainstay Suites Maingate


07-21-2005, 10:31 PM
The Choice Hotel reward program works on a system of points. I believe the reward you got was based on 8,000 pts per night so you got 16,000 points for your 2 free nights. You need to check out the points required at each hotel along with the date because these change by season to figure out where you can redeem your free nights.

I just searched some of these hotels and here's the points I found for late Nov dates.

Comfort Inn Maingate West 16,000 points......I really questioned this one because that same room was only $45.95 to book which is very low so I think there might be a mistake on listing this for that many points (I think the dates were weird too with lower points during a normally high season which adds to my mistake theory)

Comfort Suites Maingate..........I don't have that one on my list but I think it was 16,000 since most of the suite hotels were that point value.

Comfort Inn Lake 6,000 points............ you could do this one if it's the same for your dates.

Main Stay Suites Maingate 8,000 points..........you could do this one if it's the same for your dates.

One other thing to remember is you cannot reserve your room with your rewards points until 30 days or less from check-in. I have never had a problem with this but we've mainly stayed in small non tourist towns. I still don't think it will be a problem with so many different hotels close together to choose from just have a list of which ones you want in order of preference. It wouldn't hurt to reserve something somewhere just so you have it and then cancel at 30 days out when you book the free stay.

I just did a thread on some Choice hotels where you can see a few more options and the reviews I got from the great people on this board. That thread is here http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=866488

If you have any other questions about the choice rewards program ask away. I've been a member for almost 4 years and had the cc for 4 months. I love this program and they run specials all the time to help earn free stays fast.


PS: I didn't check when I did my search but I think all the choice hotels have continental breakfast unless you get into the rodeway/econolodge brand which isn't included in this rewards program.

07-21-2005, 10:53 PM
Thanks Calie!

I've been a member myself since 1998, so I've used it ALOT!!! I'm not actually using a "two free nights" reward, I've just got accumulated about 15,000 points. All of these locations are 6000 points a night during the time frame we will be there - we're going the first week in October. That's how I ended up picking those locations. I prefer the Comfort Inn/Suites line of hotels, but that MainStay Suites looked nice from what I can see on the web. I looked at the Clarion, but it doesn't have the free continental breakfast, so ruled that one out.

I've heard that the rooms at the Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista can be really loud because of traffic noise. Just haven't heard anything about the rest of them. I'll have to check out your link and see if any of them are mentioned.

Thanks again!

07-22-2005, 12:33 AM
Wow then you are already a pro at this system :rotfl2: I love that you can book the free stays online now, I found out that way that the points are for ANY room and have upgraded to a suite at Comfort Inn for the same 6,000 points when it's been available. We just got the cc a few months ago and earned a bonus free night and have almost earned a second with the monthly rewards, the free nights are going to add up quickly with this extra earning power.

Thanks for the review on my other thread. You'll have to report when you get back which one you chose and how it was, that should be right around my 30 day window opening to book my free night.


07-22-2005, 09:36 AM
Sure will. I'm going to try to get some more reviews on that MainStay Suites because I'm leaning towards that one right now.