View Full Version : milesource - how long for referrals to show up?

08-29-2001, 08:11 AM
Dh signed up the day before yesterday with my username as the referral. It hasn't shown up on my account, although he was able to log in & start earning miles right away. Does anyone know how long it typically takes for new referrals to show? I don't think he messed up the form because I sent one of their standard emails asking people to sign up, and it fills in the referral automatically.

How long should I wait before I start to panic :D

08-29-2001, 08:22 AM
You should get the referal points immediatly. As soon as my family does their click fix, the extra points are in my account. If you think he messed up on the form, have him cancel his account and re-signup under you.

08-29-2001, 08:32 AM
I see that my points are credited right away. But it still doesn't say that I have any referrals! Can you tell I am new to this? Is there a delay in the initial sign up period?


08-29-2001, 09:29 AM
Let me make sure I understand correctly, you are getting the extra points, but he is not showing up as one of your referals? If that is what it is, then I can't help you. My referal list has never been right. I only have 5 direct referals, but before they changed their system they said that I had 10 direct referals and 40 indirect, now it says that I have 8 direct and 8 indirect. I clicked on the list, and three of the people that it has listed as direct referals are people that I have never ever heard of. So, I don't think the lists are accurate at all.

08-29-2001, 09:40 AM
I am not getting the points nor does he show up as a referral. As a test I signed up my mom & she showed up right away as a referral & I got the points when I clicked in her account. Now I just have to get her to do this when she gets back from vacation!

He swears that my user id showed up in the box when he clicked on the link in the sign up email!

I just cancelled his account & signed him up again. Now it lists him as a referral. Thanks for that suggestion.