View Full Version : What to do in Key West & CC without spending additional $$?

07-19-2005, 09:35 AM
We are booked on the 7 night Western cruise - DH, myself, DD17, DS18. The cruise is what DS wanted to do for his combination high school graduation/birthday gift. He also wants to do the dolphin swim excursion in Cozumel ($$$$), and we'd like to do the stingray swim in Grand Cayman ($$). The total of those two, especially after adding in taxi fare, etc. is way more than I planned on spending on excursions, but I'd like to do it if we can.

So my question is what, if anything, can we enjoy in Key West without spending additional money since we'll be blowing it all in the other two ports? CC I think we could get by with not doing an excursion and just enjoying the beach. If we brought snorkel equipment from home I guess we could snorkle for free at CC, right?

Appreciate any ideas! Thanks!

07-19-2005, 09:49 AM
Having seen Key West a few times, we usually walk around and browse, ok spend..lol$$ then return to the boat, as it is pretty empty, and this is a FANTASTIC time to enjoy the quietness of the pools...We do not over do it at all in Kew West, just take a leisurely stroll...

07-19-2005, 09:58 AM
Hi this is Shirley and an ol' conch from Key West - you can enjoy lots of stuff in Key West --you can walk around Mallory Square and go to Messon De Pepe which has a lot of history about Key West there - you can walk on Whitehead Street and see Hemingway's house (without going in that is) - you can see the lighthouse that protected KW from the pirates, (it cost to go inside tho) - at the end of Whitehead Street is the monument where it is exalty 90 miles to Cuba and have pictures taken - around the corner is the main street of Duval Street - you will see a lot some good and some not so good - I understand that Ft Taylor is now charging to use the beach - if you want to do some diving you can go either to Smathers beach or the new beach off of Roosevelt Blvd. Either way its going to be hard not to spend some monies.
Good luck

07-19-2005, 10:01 AM
When we were in Key West, we walked to the Southernmost Point for pictures. It was a long walk, but doable. We took our time on the way there and stopped in some shops as well as the Hard Rock Cafe. In the evening, Mallory Square is filled with all sorts of street entertainers. It is fun to just walk around and people watch.