View Full Version : Cruise in November - weather??

07-17-2005, 08:01 PM
So we booked the double dip Western cruise in November and am wondering what the weather in Florida is usually like early November. We have been in Florida for cruises in January - is it colder, warmer, same in November? We always liked the weather we had in January - dry, warm, clear. Also, it is at the tail end of hurricane season? What has been people's experience at Castaway during this time? We just got back from the West Coast and had some raining weather. I always liked leaving from Florida for cruises as it seems like the weather is nice right away where as for the west coast you have to sail a little bit to get to the warmer weather. Same thing happened when we left from New Orleans in March - it was real cold for the first couple days, then warmed up a lot. Will it be the same type of cold in November in Florida? Thanks! Lisa

07-17-2005, 08:55 PM
It was beautiful on our 11/15/03 cruise as well as the 12/4/04. The weather once we left FL was HOT! We wore shorts every day if we weren't in our suits at the pool. We went to WDW before the cruise & wore shorts each time as well. Now, the morning we boarded on the 12/4 cruise there were some clouds & up on deck 9 it was just windy...which meant that it was chilly. We wore jeans instead of shorts that morning but had our Tshirts on. Once the luggage got to the room & we grabbed our jean jackets, we were fine. I was honestly worried that it would be like that the entire week but the next morning was balmy & wonderful. :)