View Full Version : Romantic meal outside but near WDW?

08-28-2001, 03:13 PM
Hello, can anyone suggest a romantic dinner outside of WDW? I love kids, but I'd like to have a quiet, romantic dinner with my husband near Walt Disney World. We can spend up to $100 for the two of us.

09-24-2001, 03:05 AM
Orlando has JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. you might try Emeril's at universal city walk.
Or perhaps surf over to Orlando's city page web site, yo ushould be able to find a fine dining guide there.

lots to choose from. Try going to this web site i just found for you , its the 10 best romantic dining places in orlando. #1 is Victoria and Alberts.. I cant wait to go there next week!

09-24-2001, 04:03 PM
I would recommend the Melting Pot restaurant. I have never eaten at the one in Orlando, but I have recently eaten one of them here in Atlanta. It is a fondue type restaurant that is excellent. We got a cheese course (cheddar), a meat course (chicken, beef, salmon, shrimp) that you cook in either oil or broth (we chose the broth), and a dessert course (with brownie pieces, bananas, marshmallows, pound cake pieces, strawberries, etc. for dipping in chocolate) where you can choose from a bunch of different kinds of chocolate fondue. It was delicious. It does take a long time to eat here though. I'm not sure how close it is to Orlando, but there are several listed on bigyellow.com . Here's the one I think it is:

Melting Pot
500 East Horatio Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751
(407) 628-1134
(407) 893-9052

09-26-2001, 11:29 AM
I would say Emeril's at Universal City Walk would be a nice night out. I've never eaten there, only walked near it, but it looked very nice. I have also seen reviews for it on t.v. and it looks like a great restaurant. Also in the Wyndam Palace, Arthur's 27 is supposed to be very romantic, but I'm not sure how pricey. (probably in your price range). From what I have read about this place it has a spectacular view...the best in the area. Maybe give that a try? Other than that I really don't know much about nice places to eat outside of WDW....I have usually eaten at Olive Garden's, IHOPS...etc.....I hope you have a great time! GOod luck to you :)

10-06-2001, 03:52 AM
my advice, would be to save the few extra dollars, or cut a corner here or there, and go to Victoria and Alberts.. 200$ will get you the guarenteed meal of your life..
My new wife and I just went there, and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!
I for one can not wait to go back, repeatedly!!!!

Neither can she!

Truely in a word INCREDIBLE!!!