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07-16-2005, 09:35 AM
This is our first cruise, and we'll have our two kids, ages 7 and 4. I'm considering the Seahorse Catamaran Snorkeling Adventure for my DH and my 7 yr old DD. She is an excellent swimmer, loves to dive to the bottom of the pool - swims better than me actually - so I'm not worried about her safety. My question is whether or not it's worth the extra cost (total of $80) for both of them to do this. Or would we be better of just purchasing snorkeling equipment before we leave (we live in Florida, so it would get used again). Is there somewhere they can snorkel without paying the added fee? I know the catamaran would be fun for them but not too thrilled about having to entertain the 4 yr old by myself for 3 hours since he'll be ticked that he didn't get to go. :)

07-16-2005, 10:18 AM
Snorkeling on Castaway Cay will be "free" if you bring your own mask and snorkel. They'll provide you with a vest (which MUST be worn). They are found at all lifeguard stations. If you rent, it'll be $25 adult and $10 child (3-9) for mask, snorkel, flippers, and vest.

I bought Walmart type snorkel sets for DD and I. She used the mask at the pool on the first day. We didn't know it got lost until the 3rd day when we got ready to snorkel and it wasn't in the beach bag. DH returned to cabin to find it and never did. I managed to rent her a mask and snorkel for only $5.
She just really wanted to swim around, not go all that way out into the snorkel lagoon. Just to reiterate...anyone with a mask on their face MUST have a vest on, no matter where they are swimming. The lifeguards spend their day yelling at folks about that rule.


p.s. - Did you make it thru Dennis ok? I'm only about 1.5 hours north of you.

07-16-2005, 10:29 AM
p.s. - Did you make it thru Dennis ok? I'm only about 1.5 hours north of you.

Yes, we did fine. We live in Pace, supposedly where the eye actually hit this time. I don't know - we left - but our neighbors stayed and said the eye indeed did go over our house. We lost our fence and a few shingles - pretty much the same as Ivan. Our power came back up Wednesday, lots better than Ivan. It's very tempting to just leave that fence down until hurricane season is over - but we've got kids and a dog, so DH has been out there pounding nails!!

Thanks for the info on the snorkeling. I think we'll pass on the catamaran this trip. We'll have to save that stuff until the little one is old enough to go. Glad to hear you can just go play around and snorkel without an official excursion. That way, DH and I can trade off some with the kids.

I'm still torn on the Dolphin excursion in Nassau. My little one is kinda skittish, so not sure how he'll do. We're going on the 3-day cruise, so I'm seriously thinking about just staying on the boat in Nassau. I'm positive we'll be going back again, so thinking he just needs to be a little older to appreciate the excursions. Being our first cruise, our 7 yr old won't know what she's missing and will be thrilled just being on the boat!