View Full Version : TEEN Excursions on the West Coast cruise?

07-14-2005, 08:05 PM
Does the Teen club have excursion for them? I noticed on the navigator someone shared that nothing was planned for the morning times. I know my dh would love to do family things all the time, but our oldest doesn't always want to hang around her 5 year old sibs.


07-14-2005, 09:03 PM
It's true that the Stack does not open till noon. That was never a problem for dd, she was just getting up then anyway! :rotfl:

If I recall correctly there was a teen excursion in PV, a sunset sail. DD did not go though, she didn't want to miss pirate nite.

07-14-2005, 10:24 PM
yes there is a shore excursion in puerto vallarta!

07-14-2005, 11:28 PM
The Stack opens about noon daily and stays open till about 1 am. My teen is never out of bed voluntarily before noon anyhow!

Sorry, don't know about teen excursions on West Coast trip. DD loved the Wild Side at Castaway, but wasn't thrilled with the sunset cruise at whichever island....maybe it was Costa Maya??? We were on an altered cruise due to hurricane....