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07-14-2005, 11:34 AM
I have read many posts on this board for a long time and this is my first post. I am so confused about where to stay outside of WDW. This will be our first trip and we are very excited. My husband and I are taking our 3 kids (ages 6,4,2) for a week at the end of Oct. My MIL offered us a timeshare week at an RCI resort in Orlando for our vacation. We cannot beat the price, but we just can't choose. The two we are really considering are Orange Lake Country Club and The Sheraton Vistana esort. They also offered us Silver Lake and Celebration World Resort. I have read the posts in this forum, but I couldn't get a real feel on the drive time from the resorts to Magic Kingdom.

Please help:
(1) Which one is nicer as far as the rooms go (2br/2bth)?
(2) What is the drive time from each?
(3) Which one should we choose and why?
(4) Any insight on Silver Lake or Celebration World?

Thank You in advance for the help

07-14-2005, 11:53 AM
We much prefer Vistana, but there are fans of both. Both resorts have new and old sections. We have stayed in older ones at both, but the whole time we were at OLCC the kids kept whining that they wished they were back at Vistana.

Vistana is closer to Disney. We like the trees and other landscaping much better than OLCC. You can walk to everything, though some areas are a bit distant.

Also, I understand OLCC is the victim of a major road project right now which is bound to be disruptive.


07-14-2005, 12:15 PM
The major road project isn't disruptive at all. Actually you don't know it's going on unless you drive by it on 192 or if you go back to the East Village. They are doing an excellent job landscaping it and I don't think it will be very noticeable when they are done. As for OLCC and Vistana here is MHO. I didn't like Vistana. I thought the condo was not very nice. I also didn't like how the resort was laid out. Also I forgot that I was charged 2 for groceries and nobody would fix that for me. The drive is much closer to DD and about the same distance to EPCOT, MGM, and MK. It is further than OLCC to AK. Vistana is smaller and everything is compact. You can walk to most everything that I did like. Where my condo is at OLCC it is almost 30 min. to the pool walking. They just upgraded our shuttle service and will run every 20 min. They will be picking up at specific places. OLCC has a different set of activities also. I think that you can't go wrong with either resort. I do know that I was in the older section of Vistana and that my condo at OLCC is newer. I still like our older condos in the West Village better than my condo at Vistana. I am comparing apples and apples.

07-14-2005, 12:16 PM
Also we are not a VICTIM of anything. OLCC was paid mega bucks to allow the road expansion to come through our property and that is how we are financing some of the River Island expansion. Just to clarify.

07-14-2005, 12:21 PM
I've been an Orange Lake owner for 15 years. It is a nice resort with alot of amenities. Great golf. mini golf, watersports on the lake, tennis and pools. The older units have been upgraded/remodeled to match the newer ones. Slight difference in layout between the older and newer units but any would be fine for your family. Sleep 8 with a king bed and bath in master, 2 queens in second and a sofabed in livingroom. Second bathroom has 2 entrances - 1 from living area and 1 from bedroom. Washer/dryer are full size. They have scheduled activities but we don't usually do them so I can't help you there. There is a new shopping plaza adjoining the resort with a Publix and just outside the main entrance is a plaza with Subway, TGIFriday's, Outback, Carraba's and I can't remember what else. We've found the location to be good for visiting WDW, Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Universal - but we always have our car. Wouldn't want to be there without one. If there is anything specific you want to know just ask. You can also check out there website olcc dot com

07-14-2005, 12:37 PM
We have stayed at Vistana and we really enjoyed it. There are many pools and lots of things to do. I'm pretty sure that there is a pizza hut on site. There are family friendly restaurants. Some times they have music or bounce houses or some other forms of entertainment. The rooms are big and nice.

07-14-2005, 12:59 PM
he two we are really considering are Orange Lake Country Club and The Sheraton Vistana esort. They also offered us Silver Lake and Celebration World Resort. (1) Which one is nicer as far as the rooms go (2br/2bth)?
(2) What is the drive time from each?
(3) Which one should we choose and why?
(4) Any insight on Silver Lake or Celebration World?
I own at Orange Lake (OLCC) but have stayed at Celebration and Vistana. I don't know much about Silver Lake. I would easily recommend OLCC and Vistana Resort over Celebration.

Vistana Resort is closer but I personally think think this is a wash. Vistana is about 1 mile or so from Disney while OLCC, taking the long route, is about 4 miles. The short route through Sherbeth Road is about 2 to 2 1/2 miles.

As far as choice, it comes down to whether you like to be in a large, wide open resort (OLCC is about 1100 acres) or a slightly smaller resort (Vistana is about 135 acres). OLCC is designed around a golf theme so it is more spread out. Because of this, some activities may be a distance from your unit but many units are also right next to these activities (my unit in the East Village is right next to the pool, my unit in the North Village is a distance from the pools). The age of your kids suggests the North Village for OLCC. They would also enjoy the pools at Vistana. The sections at Vistana have pools more centrally located to each section. Next spring OLCC is opening a new recreation area, River Island, with it, OLCC wins hands down (for adults and older children, OLCC has a full-size Olympic swimming pool - Great!). Both resorts have multiple pools.

Room decor and such are personal choices but I like OLCC (I didn't dislike Vistana) and I think that the OLCC rooms are larger. Both resorts are fully equiped as far as kitchen. I think OLCC is larger but both are nice.

I own at OLCC (2 weeks) but I would consider owning at Vistana. As noted by others, there is some construction on the Western Beltway. I don't believe that it causes any problems in the resort as it has an overpass. The overpass section within the resort was worked on during the night and for guests in the East Village, they kept that gate open during the nights that construction occurred (this occurred last December while I was there). Likewise, going through the east entrance removes potential problems on 192 due to construction of the Western Beltway (because the toll gate is between the main gate and the east gate, trucks did cross 192 at times causing delays especially at rush hour if you used the main entrance). I never experienced a problem using the east gate. The construction inside the resort was going on when I was there in December and most should be completed by now. While it splits the resort, it is not a factor as there had been only the one entry between the sections within the resort and as noted, there has always been two entrances - east entrance and main entrance. In theory, if you believe what the sales people tell you, the Western Beltway (toll road) should speed entry to WDW as just up the Beltway will be an entrance to WDW skipping all potential 192 worries and making the distance roughly equal to Vistana. I think it was suppose to be open this December or next but I'm not sure. Slighly off topic - Sorry. I'll verify at the end of August.

Both Vistana and OLCC have numerous activities although I think OLCC has more. For children of your age range, it becomes a toss-up as I don't think they will use the kayaks, jet skis, etc. at OLCC. Both resorts have a general store, restraurants, and activities for smaller children. Celebration had a pool and I don't recall very many activities (they have the pool, bingo, etc).

Both are nice and are recommended. Which one serves your purpose best depends on what your plans are. Are you plannng to be at the theme parks from dawn to dust - then it doesn't matter as you will not use either resort's facilities. Is spending a lot of time at the pools important? In general, Vistana's units are closer to the pool but it does depend on where you are at in OLCC. An noted, my unit in East Village is right next to the pool. Too damn convenient! I've also stayed in a 1-bedroom unit in the North Village right next to the pool. In my stay in a studio in the West Village, all I had to do was go downstairs for the restraurants, the company store, the beach was just outside the building with the various activities, and the Olympic pool also was right next to the building. It made deciding what to do for the day that much harder. :goodvibes

If you haven't gathered, I like Orange Lake.

07-14-2005, 01:41 PM
We have stayed several times at OLCC, and really love it. The units are furnished beautifully (even the older West Village ones). Last time we stayed in the North Village, near Splash Lagoon, which was convenient with my 2 kids. We have never found it a problem that OLCC is very spread out (as another poster said, it was designed with golf courses in mind). We always rent a car and never had a problem getting a parking space over in the West Village to mini-golf, use the pool there, go jet-skiing. My kids actually miss OLCC a bit when we stay onsite at Disney because there is so much to do at OLCC and they LOVE the 2-bedroom units. LOTS of space. And they each get a queen-sized bed! Oh, and it's about 15 minutes to the main gate at Disney; no travel time at all.

I have never stayed at Vistana, but have only heard good things about this place too. RCI actually recommended it to us once when it looked like we weren't going to be able to get the week we wanted at OLCC. They said 'if you love OLCC, then you'll love Vistana.'

We really love OLCC; it's one way i convince my husband that we need to visit Mickey again. He'd rather the extra space, the golf, the "getaway" from all things Disney when we visit.

07-14-2005, 09:36 PM
I can't speak for OLCC as I haven't stayed there, but feel free to browse through my Vistana online photo album (I think you need to register first ?--it's free). I'm an owner there. I have pics of the old units as well as the brand new ones and some in between. Might give you a better feel for Vistana. I have 45 pics uploaded here : http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?id=4287948459
Usually takes us about 10-15 min to get to the various Disney parks and maybe 20 to get to Sea World and Universal.

07-14-2005, 09:47 PM
(1) Which one is nicer as far as the rooms go (2br/2bth)?
-i have never stayed at OLCC but Vistana is very nice and is full of ammenities.
(2) What is the drive time from each?
-Vistana is only a short ride from Disney. I think last time it only took us about 10 minutes to the gates with all the characters.
(3) Which one should we choose and why?
-Like I said, I never stayed at OLCC but Vistana is great. There are so much things to do especially family oriented activities and children's activities. The resort is beautifully landscaped. Plus there is a general store (with a lot of Disney merchandise ;) ), many restaurants, and 7 pools. Vistana claims that their super pool is the largest in Orlando....hmmm? All in all its a great resort to stay at.
(4) Any insight on Silver Lake or Celebration World?
- No clue :confused3

MN Dis Fans
07-15-2005, 04:02 AM
We own and have stayed at OLCC and Silver Lake. We have also stayed at Vistana.

By far, our favorite is OLCC. :sunny: The kids love the pools / activites there, and we like the size / layout / amenities of the rooms. The drawback, as pointed out in this thread, is that there is a very good chance you will get a unit away from the hussle and bussle which will require either a long walk, a ride on a shuttle, or driving to where you want to go within the resort. It's huge and extremely spread out. This resort is the furthest away from WDW, but still only a maximum of 15 minutes away to AK, if you take the back roads.

My DW did not like the unit we were assigned at Vistana. She felt it was old and outdated. :sad2: Our 2x Ds's loved the 7x? pools there, :cool1: :cool1: and had a good go at trying each of them while we were there. It was nice to be able to walk to everything within the resort as well, but I still would consider it the least favorite of the 3 resorts I am critiquing.

We also really like Silver Resort for several reasons. It's a nice / small resort. We absolutely love the pool it has. ;) It's also literally 2 minutes to the front gate of AK. We were a bit dis-appointed when we stayed there for one night after dis-embarking the DCL cruise last year. Perhaps we just got a bad room, :confused3 but felt it was a bit run down (poorly maintained), and could have been cleaned better.

So, if you want the nicest rooms, we like OLCC best. If you're there for swimming, go w/ Vistana, and if you want the quickest / shortest drive, go with Silver Lake.

Don't get me wrong, we would have absolutely no problem at staying at any of these resorts again, and perhaps we were just a bit unlucky at Vistana & SL on our last go around. :wave2: :wave2:

07-15-2005, 09:00 AM
Thank you all for all your insight. It is much appreciated and helps, any more info is welcome.

Thanks again-

We are getting very excited about our trip in just over three months.

:earsboy: :earsgirl: princess: pirate: pirate:

07-15-2005, 10:40 AM
My DW did not like the unit we were assigned at Vistana. She felt it was old and outdated.
Opinions vary far and wide where Vistana is concerned because some villas are outdated but there are MANY that are not and are very beautiful and spacious. Even the old ones are spacious for that matter. So I think one's experience with Vistana could be a bit jaded if one got an older unit. But if you look at my pics, you'll see most are very nicely decorated and maintained. Now I have also heard OLCC has some outdated buildings as well ? Not sure about this. I know at Vistana you can request a newer area and most people (though there's no guarentee) get it. Vistana will try to oblige requests. I usually tell people to request the Cascades, Lakes or even the Fountains section.

07-15-2005, 10:42 AM
definitely Orange Lake or Sheraton Vistana over Silver Lake or Celebration.

I have stayed at Sheraton Vistana - I will be staying at OL in Sept.

we got an older section at SV - still loved it.

I just don't think either resort would be a problem for you.

but have older sections that there are complaints about. the reviews I have lately give the edge to SV because of their customer service. OL lately has gone way down on their customer service.

but I would think for what you want - either would do!!!

if you aren't taking a pet (dog or cat) then don't stay at Celebration. It is a nice resort - but not first class. Both OL and SV are definitely first class resorts.

Celebration is the only RCI resort that allows pets.