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Momma Rabbit
06-25-2005, 10:43 AM
I have many points racked up from my non stop fireworks playing, although I have no magic pin to show for it :sad2: . Anyway, now that prices have went up in the shops I find that I'm too cheap to buy anything new. Does anyone else have this problem?

I've found I enjoy walking around being a rich VMK person!

Terry S
06-25-2005, 10:55 AM
I have 12,000 credits racked up from playing fireworks as well. I get 90 credits each time and if I get first place it is even more. I really don't feel the need to spend them. Also, once it launches there will be some new stuff to buy so I figure maybe I will spend the credits then. I have bought my kids a few things for thier characters.

06-26-2005, 10:54 AM
i have alot of credits but not as much as you
only about 5,000
but the problem is that it says i only have 4970
and im losing credits instead of earin them