View Full Version : What happened to my countdown timer!?

06-09-2005, 10:13 AM
I had added a countdown timer and now it's gone!! I can't remember how I got it in the first place so any help please!!!

06-09-2005, 11:27 AM
I do not know what happened to it, but if you goto tickerfactory.com you can get a new one. You can click on one of mine and it will take you there. Hope this helps. :wave2:

By the way...where in VA do you live??? I live in Williamsburg!

06-09-2005, 12:45 PM
I live in Fredericksburg. Thanks for the hint - I think that may be where I originaly got the countdown from. I see you were at DW in May 97 - we were there in March - stayed at BWV. A little history on why I live in Va now - we were living in Oregon, drove to Florida for what was to be a vacation/searching for a home trip in 1994 (we meaning my husb, me, 4 sons and 1 daughter then ages 1-16). Well my husb had a heart attack (age 40), died in the hotel room and we never made it to DW which was his dream. We moved up to WV to bury him & lived there for 7 years. In 1996 my brother died in a fire & left me a little inheritance which allowed me to buy a house there, my mom knew I had been saving pennies hoping to get back to DW so she suggested I take my oldest 3 along with my husb's bro, wife & 2 kids who had been so kind to us to DW. That was in March 1997 and sadly I never got to put in a memory tile in the Living Legacy gardens at Epcot for my husb & brother. Sooo long story short my youngest who is now 12 is wishing for at least a one day trip to Epcot to do that so we are hoping to go in March 2006. I have been researching the best resorts & sorry to say was so spoiled at BWV that I hope we can stay there again. Am looking to rent points so I can take him and his other brother who is now 18 for a couple days.

Didn't mean to give you my life history :hourglass We moved here to Fredericksburg because I lost my house in 2001 due to cancer & job layoffs so am now working here at Geico!! Love my job, just would love to move to the offices in Virginia Beach - haven't even been to the beach since we moved here :crazy: Haven't been to Williamsburg but hear it is beautiful! Take care and thanks again for the hint - will try it!

06-09-2005, 12:54 PM
ok I goofed - how do I get my ticker to look right? :confused3 Oops never mind - I'm so goofy :rotfl:

06-09-2005, 01:16 PM
So sorry to hear about your husband and brother. That is just awful!!! I am also sorry that you lost your house and had to deal with cancer!! I hope you are in remission now and doing well!! I have been through fredericksburg, but never stopped there. Virginia Beach is getting very crowded....I do not like going down there anymore. I have family who live down there, I tell you it takes you 45 minutes to get somewhere that should only take you 15 minutes!! I am also partial to country life....I like lots of trees, etc. That is what I loved about Williamsburg when we first moved here....but that is changing, they are starting to over build this area now. We are considering moving to chester or gloucester.

If you can not stay at a Deluxe resort, but can a moderate...I would recommend POR or POFQ. POR is our favorite!! I have never stayed at POFQ, but it looks nice and hear great things about it. I have never stayed value either, but again, I hear great things about them.

Well, take care and good luck!!!

06-09-2005, 02:39 PM
Thank you for your input on Virginia Beach and yes everything is much better healthwise - just a few rough years but then everyone has some one time or another. I did look at POR as an option - 6 mos before my brother died I sent the same brother-in-law and his wife on a 5-day trip there (I was saving for us but they were so loving and opened their home to us when we needed them and decided to send them instead). They loved POR and when I was able to go with them in 1997 we took a bus over there and they showed me the property. I am looking at all options - rack rates, any discounts I can find and using the point system. So far I've been offered $9.00/point for BWV studio which would suit the three of us fine (I hope).

Would love to hear a trip report on your upcoming Polynesian stay - we loved the luau (sp) there (can never spell that right). I was picked to go up on stage with a couple male dancers and my brother-in-law and his son were picked by the female ones - of course we all made fools of ourselves. It was beautiful there so hope you enjoy your stay!

06-09-2005, 04:16 PM
I am glad your health is better!! You sound like such a sweet person, sending your bother-in-law and family instead of going yourself. What a non-selfish person you are!! Kudos to you :grouphug: !!!

I will do a trip report when we return. I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian, so I am more than excited about this trip. We did the Mickey back in 1997 (I think it was that year). We loved that show....I wish they would bring that one back. I only had my oldest daughter and she was 2 years old then and she absolutly loved it. I will try to do a trip report as soon as I return.

Take care and look forward to talking to you again soon here on the DIS!!! :wave2: