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Grumpy's Wife
06-01-2005, 09:48 AM
Just a question on why when I post the envelope on the left side is always blue with a arrow pointing down. All the other new posts have a yellow envelope. What am I doing wrong?

Grumpy's Wife
06-01-2005, 09:56 AM
I also get a check mark in the right corner. No one else seems to get this.

06-01-2005, 10:03 AM
The envelope with the arrow indicates that you have posted in that thread. I think the check mark you're asking about is the one that indicates that you've subscribed to a thread.

If you hover your mouse over most of these symbols, you'll see a description of what they mean. Also, there's a little key at the bottom of the thread view page that shows the different envelope symbols and lists their description. :)