View Full Version : Mar.25-Apr.8,01 Meets YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US!!!!!

03-14-2001, 11:33 PM
These are the Unoffical Meets PLanned for Mar.25-Apr.8,01

<font color=orange><font size=3><marquee diection="right"align="middle"behavor="alternate"> PLANNED DIS MEETS FOR 3/25/01 TO 4/8/01</marquee></font></font>

<font color=purple>**3/28/ 3:00pm DXL FOOD COURT MEET & GREET**</font>

<font color=green>**3/29/ a DOWNTOWN DISNEY MEET[time to be determined later by need]**</font>

<font color=red>**3/30/ 8:OOpm[1 HR BEFORE E NIGHT?]in MK at WALT & MICKEY STATUE **</font>

<font color=blue>**4/1/[APR.FOOLS]<font color=red>*NEW TIME 2:30pm*</font> at MGM for TOWER of TERROR MEET***[during Parade]</font>

<font color=brown>**4/5/one hour before the
FW CAMPFIRE MEET[show times vary according to season??]**</font>

Hope to see you at a meet!!PLease wear a name tag with your user name. And Don't Forget Your Lime Green Ribbon at WDW,so we can wave and say Hi!!! :) :) :)

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