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08-19-2001, 09:19 PM
Thurs was our last day at sea. Our character breakfast was that morning and it was a lot of fun. The servers really were fantastic and made each meal special. My sister in law had a facial that morning and really enjoyed it. I did the Iona- something or other detox-hoping to lose all the inches I had gained that week. It was okay--I didn't emerge any thinner-only poorer!! Too much of just pushing their products and the girl was not very friendly so I was trying to keep the conversation going. It started out VERY painful when they hooked you up and I thought my god what have I done, but I guess your body can adjust to anything and it became tolerable. I left dejected to learn that I had the dreaded second stage of cellulite and needed $300 worth of products to be cured --every 3 months. I had to pass on the seaweed pills-so I'm stuck with terminal cellulite!! Next time I'll get a massage. We went to high tea, it was nice, but service was just ok. Disney Dreams was excellent--if anyone snuck a tape of it email me and I'll buy a copy. I'd watch it every day! The disco night was fun--I wish I had the energy of those crew members!
We were in line to get off on Fri at Castaway Cay-by 9 and there was a line. It was a looong walk to the first available hamock, and yes, it was then I realized m family would never find me--so I ran-yes -ran back to catch them before the bridge tour and where were they--lost. They went to the wrong spot, but did turn up- so I stayed for the tour--Interesting and informative, but a little too much technical stuff for me. The island was beautiful, and the weather was perfect- as it had been all week- but it was too crowded for me. My husband and son went bike riding in the 100 degree weather--I'm not sure why- and got stuck on one part of the island. Some one had had a heart attack and was being life flighted off. I hope they are ok-does anyone know? So they had to wait til the helicopter refueled and left. We swam, floated around, had lunch---great ribs- and went back to sit in the empty pool. Brandon went down the slide about 25 times in a row. The Discover the Magic show with the kids was cute and something that brings a tear to a mother's eye. Also the free tshirt was nice. Dan Riley was great in the Farewell show- also in hte bar the night before-be sure to see him- he's hysterical. It was sad to say good-bye to Anita and especially Gabby-we loved him. The head server for our dining rotation was Sandra and she was also nice. Stopped at our table several nights and always talked to Brandon. For anyone with concierge service- they had a meeting in Sessions at 1:30. They booked your palo reservations-you can call ahead for those, any spa treatments and shore excursions so there was no running anywhere. Martin, the concierge staff was excellent. If anyone has him please tell him the family in the Walt suite from PA said hi. Marcus at guest services was exceptional as well as Natalee and Miska. We are booked for June 22- western cruise and are counting the days. If anyone has any questions please ask or email me. Beth

08-21-2001, 09:07 AM
What a great report. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Were the majority of diners on formal night dressed formally? Were do the WD suite guests go for the fire drill?

08-21-2001, 08:57 PM
The WD suite guests go right with everyone else--I guess if the ship goes down the extra cost doesn't get you a private life raft.
Some people were very dressed up in tuxedos--even the kids-- and long gowns. Most of the men had on suits , or jackets and ties. The women had from elegant evening wear to nice dresses. We did see some who ignored it and wore shorts and casual---boo. On the second dress up night --Thurs-- there were more casual and not as many tuxedos. I enjoyed dressing up and we got some great family photos.