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08-19-2001, 08:29 PM
The variety show on Sat was better than what I expected. Our servers were Gabby-from India and Anita from Hungary. We loved them--they were unbelievable with the kids! Our room steward was Daniel--it took him a few days to warm up, but he did an excellent job, and we had great towel animals. After dinner we were exhausted and went to bed.
On Sun I got up for aerobics- I went every day but one. It was a good work out, but they didn't use an 8 count so it drove me crazy--silly, but a pet peeve from doing aerobics. We explored the ship, sat in the sun and relaxed. Any DVC members definitely go to the DVC social. It was fun, and they had a lot of great prizes--we all got hats, and we won a Vero Beach bag, note paper, and a neat bag for passes , money etc. They also gave my husband a luggage tag for going to the sessions later in the week.
We enjoyed Hercules, but I heard some people hated it. I enjoyed dressing up for the Captains Gala and forced my family to get 1 of seven million photos--half of which I bought.
The dueling pianos were excellent and my parents enjoyed the comedian.
Mondays highlights were the making of the Magic-very interesting. My parents did the walk a mile and were disappointed it wasn't more organized like other cruises they were on--also got some freebie on other lines. We went to the brunch at Palos---great menu and service-ask for Mainer. Brandon spent some time each day in the club, but didn't love it the way I thought he would. He did love seeing all the characters. We went to the tea with Wendy--cute, but no big deal.We left the picture with guest services and had Peter Pan and Wendy sign it. Also took the suggestion here to but Disney pillow cases and had them autographed--thanks for the tip!.C'est Magique was cute, but my least favorite. Didn't get to do Magic Quest--heard it was fun though. Dinner at Animators palate--too much food as usual-always good. 50s night was fun, but eating so late made me tired and I was always ready for bed way too early. My kids watched mmovies on the vcrand I went to bed.
Tues at St Maarten was disappointing. TOO PUSHY for me, whether it was hair braiding or jewelry or tshirts. My mom won $200 at the casino, I debated about a gorgeous Tanzanite and diamond bangle, but decided not to splurge on myself---as usual. Never take the first price--they always dropped it 2 or 3 times. The kids went back early and swam in the very empty pools--nice change from the usual standing room only. Some of the game shows in Studio Sea were lacking. Watched the Princess Diaries-great family movie, my parents liked name that song and of course the dueling pianos. The deck party was a lot of fun. Great deals on tshirts and tropical wear--much better than St Thomas on those. For jewelry go to Joe's, ask for Bris and tell him the lady that wanted the expensive bangle sent you---I may buy it yet--he kept saying I deserved it--he offered lunch, drinks, and several freebies with it.
St Thomas was more beautiful than Maarten. We went on the Atlantis sub-it was fun-saw sharks, turtles, sting rays etc. Too many shops to ever see them all. Did but portable DVD for $300 less than price at home . We played bingo and my mother won $150. Then Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer. The last seat picked was my mom--she took Blake up with her and Brandon cried so they let him go up too. They made it to $750. I am now screaming at the top of my lungs to STOP because I know they did not know the answer and my mother guesses-yes the wrong answer. We did get the $250 credit and a great pin, but I could have killed her. Has anyone ever seen Spy Hard? Process of elimination should have given the right answer, but it was great to get picked. Family Spy party was dumb. The ventriloquist was hilarious and the 80s party was good also. My parents liked match your mate and should have volunteered- it was their 45 anniversary.

09-09-2001, 10:31 AM
I should have mentioned 2 things for the Mouseketeer game- if you have a large party sit in a few rows to give yourselves a better chance of being picked--if the seat number called is empty they go to the next person--also children without adults can not go up if picked--there were several in our session that had to decline-for 1 girl a stranger volunteered to go up with her. If you volunteer and get picked for the panel--used to help? the contestant- you get a special pin that I hear sells for $100+ on ebay. My husband, who volunteers for everything was in the panel. Most of the questions do come from the Disney trivia game-if only my mother had studied ahead. Oh well, I wish they would take a picture for you--I was too far away and never got one when they were up there.Good luck to anyone who gets picked-it would be great to win that cruise.

09-15-2001, 10:29 PM
One thing I failed to mention that seems not to be consistent is being announced. We were one of the first families in line and after entering they did announce our family when they took the picture coming onboard. I did hear them announcing families all day so I'm not sure why it is done on some cruises and not others. Our room was ready as soon as we were done eating and the luggage arrived shortly thereafter. My 5 yr old went to the Mickey pool and it did get crowded after about an hour-they had a photographer there and we got a great shot of him. A lot of great photo opportunities. With all the tragedy around us I wish I could turn the clock back 1 month for myself, but especially for all those suffering a loss now--I wish I could offer more than prayers-it has to be so difficult. If anyone ever has any cruise questions email me. happy sailing to those going soon. Beth

09-16-2001, 01:38 AM
This is what I was told about them announcing families "They can't do them all, it would take too much time." It is sad for those of us who seem to be ignored. Either to it or don't. A manager told me this as we chatted while waiting for our planes on Sept.1

I too wish we could turn back time.