View Full Version : Any POFQ guests use DME???

05-16-2005, 11:41 AM
To those of you staying at POFQ and who used DME...how'd did it go?

- Length of time from MCO to POFQ?
- Wait time for bags?
- Line for return trip to MCO?
- Free beignets for lost luggage?

Going to POFQ in July and am just wondering how the folks at the FQ are handling the new service.

05-16-2005, 04:50 PM
Things that go "BUMP" in the night.

05-17-2005, 12:42 PM
Inquiring minds want to know...especially those that leave June 5th ;)


05-17-2005, 02:30 PM
I go June 2.

05-17-2005, 09:19 PM
I just got back this morning (right after midnight) from POFQ. We used DME on arrival and departure. We didn't get to ride the new DME buses so I can't comment on those. Our route used the Disney Cruiseline buses. Upon arrival (7:04am), we were greeted and directed to the check in area for DME. Upon checkin, we were sent over to a queue area for the different resorts. We had to wait no more than 10 minutes to be loaded on to a bus. We waited a few minutes and then departed. We had no more than 10 people on our bus. The POFQ was the first stop on the route. We checked in and were advised our room wouldn't be ready until 11am at the earliest so we headed off to the park - all before 8:30a. We called just after 11am and our room was ready. We went back to POFQ about 1:30pm and our luggage was already in our room, including our two carry on bags we had left with bell desk storage. On our day of departure, we checked our bags at 9a and headed off to the parks. Our DME pickup time was at 6pm, which was approx. 3 hours before our flight. There were only 5 other people that were picked up at POFQ at this time. Our next and only stop was at the Saratoga Springs, but we didn't pick any one up. Then off to the airport. (Disney Cruiseline bus again by the way.) Our baggage arrived at our destination as well.

All in all a good experience. Disney has a few bugs to work out with the communication between reservations and DME. The info about our flight times didn't seem to "stick" with DME, so if you're concerned they don't have your flight info, call and call again.

05-17-2005, 09:25 PM
sorry duplicate post

05-17-2005, 10:11 PM
Thank you for sharing your experience.