View Full Version : SW has flights scheduled through October 28!

05-16-2005, 10:16 AM
Just thought everyone would like to know! I have been waiting for f2 flights after September 12, and looked today to find they have flights through October 28!

Good luck finding deals! :wizard:

05-16-2005, 12:50 PM
thx...found a $79 one way to Orlando. Not bad. I just know if I book it though, I'll get a SW DING for less. Don't book it and it will go up. decisions, decisions.

05-16-2005, 04:21 PM
The schedule came out last Thursday shortly before noon. From our airport (IND) on Thursday and maybe Friday they were still running a $59 sale to MCO. By Saturday the internet rate had gone up to $74. The $74 seats were all sold out for our dates (10/15 and 10/22), but were still available for other days.