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05-15-2005, 11:56 AM
We did recieve our tags by Fed Ex a few days before we left; so we attached them and put our faith in Disney.

We arrived at 2pm on 5/10. Once arriving in the main concourse we were greeted by a cm with large Mickey hands. She directed us to another across the way. This continued, again and again. It made you feel very special. They all had the mickey hand gloves and would welcome us, point out the next cm to go to, and wished us a magical trip. There was onne at the top of the elevators, then one at the bottom etc. There was NO WAY we could get lost. They guided us all the way to the ME Check in line. There was no line though. they had 8 CM staffing the desk. We gave them our ME booklet, they confirmed our return flight, and asked how many bags we checked. Then we were directed to a CM who took us to our bus.

There was no line, and we got on a bus with 10 others. There were tons of buses lined up. We left within 5 minutes. Everything was going perfect.

Our driver, however, was far from perfect. He was very sour. Never smiled, never turned on a movie. He drove s...l...o...w. But that wasnt the worst. He ran right through a stop sign where we had a near miss with a Disney bus. Then he had to do a u turn and took us up on the curb. We stopped at saratoga springs first, then Riverside. Others on the bus were going to Yacht Club.

We did arrive within 1 hour and 5 minutes from the time our plane landed. That pleased me greatly. And it was free.

And most important- YES our luggage was in our room after we returned from Epcot that night.

Resort Luggage check in was nice. Unfortunately, They could check our luggage, but could not print United/TED boarding passes and were sent to guest services to do internet check in. The CM there tried but said she couldnt do it. We came back later in the day and another CM did print them out for us.

Our flight was at 536pm, we were told we had to be on the 215 bus! So we got there at 215, along with many, many others. The bus didnt show up until 250! They ended up sending 2 buses, one for A concourse and one for B. the ride to the airport was quick and YES our luggage arrived in Boise.

Would I do it again? Yes. The luggage was flawless. And we got to the resort in just over an hour. Even a towncar can run late and we would have had to deal with waiting for the bags. And best of all, we saved over a hundred dollars.

05-15-2005, 12:31 PM
Sounds like you flew through Denver on Ted??? (At least I'm hoping......?) Only asking because your flight arrival and departure times are the same as ours are when we leave this wednesday.

What resort did you stay at (for comparison purposes on the bus ride over)? And how "long" was your wait at the airport once ME dropped you off? I'm travelling back home by myself with 2 kids on that 5:30 pm flight so was curious to know about the wait time at the airport - so I figure out how to keep them entertained!!

Thanks so much and glad to hear you had a GOOD experience with ME!


05-15-2005, 04:02 PM
Yes, we did connect in Denver. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. We got to the airport at about 330. They have a huge "mall" before security. So since we had boarding passes and checked the luggage at the resort, we shopped a little(there is a disney and universal store your kids will like, there is also an arcade), then we went through security (took abt 10 minutes for us) then you take a monorail to the gate. There is a foodcourt there, so we grabbed dinner. They started loading the plane at 450 for the 536 flight. The flight to Denver was almost 3.5 hours so they actually showed 2 movies. Only 1 was actually kid friendly though. And yes, ME was good to me. And even though the bus was late, we were still there 2 hours early. I did see them call a mears van for two families that were waiting for our bus and had earlier flight times. So they seem to be trying to make it work for everyone. have a great trip!