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08-18-2001, 12:27 PM
My new husband and I are heading to WDW in December. We were married this past June and went on a great honeymoon at that time. However, we didn't honeymoon at WDW. We did spend six weeks in Malta, Italy, and Morocco - so I'm not complaining! But, we are kind of considering this upcoming trip our "Disney" honeymoom. It will actually be our six month anniversary - kind of silly, I know. Anyway, we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge and have lots of special romantic things planned, since it will be our first Christmas as husband and wife. I want to get the Bride and Groom Mouse Ears to wear on the first day we visit the Magic Kingdom, but my DH says we shouldn't because it's not REALLY our honeymoon and it would be like lying to people. :( What do you all think? We will still be newlyweds, right? I don't want any special treatment or anything, I just think the pictures would be cute. :D

08-18-2001, 03:35 PM
Go for it!!!!

08-18-2001, 07:39 PM
I say go for it! We have friends that had been married for several years when they took a trip to WDW. They were 7 mo's pregnant at the time and thought it would look funny if they wore the bride and groom ears - so they did! From what they said they got some interesting looks, some congratulations and lots of laughs!

08-18-2001, 08:48 PM
I say go for it!!!! It will be special for the two of you.

08-19-2001, 05:14 PM
I agree - wear the ears!

08-22-2001, 06:00 PM
Do whatever you want. However, having said that I wore my bride ears to the Adventurers Club in Pleasure Island during our honeymoon. She asked me if we had just gotten married that day. I said no 10 days ago and she said 10 days was way too long to wear the ears and it was time to loose them but I figure if you wear your ears to a comedy club you deserve to get hecked.


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08-22-2001, 06:13 PM
I plan on wearing them this Oct. DH & I got married in AUGUST 8 YEARS AGO. I'm still gonna wear them. I feel like I'm honeymooning when I'm at WDW. And DH feels the same way!Check out the ears at this link:


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08-28-2001, 01:58 PM
Go for it! My DF and I wore the bride and groom mouse ears given to us by our Keys to the Kingdom Tour Guide in June......and we aren't even married yet - DF had just proposed to me at the Poly, a few days beforehand!

08-30-2001, 12:53 PM
Please do!