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08-16-2001, 10:07 PM
I have posted on a couple of other boards here that I was supposed to get married next year. Had the whole thing planned and the honeymoon was to WDW. Now, he got cold feet or something, moved out and now the wedding is off. But, I was looking forward to my trip to WDW. Should I take the plunge and go by myself??

What do you say??


08-17-2001, 11:59 AM
By all means go, You'll have a great time. You never know, you just may meet prince charming.

08-17-2001, 03:14 PM
YES! or even take a girlfriend! i went with two other girlfriends in '95 and had a blast!

08-17-2001, 03:38 PM
I've been thinking of leaving my family home to take a solo WDW trip, so I say GO!!

Here's a little pixie dust for you, too :)

08-18-2001, 11:50 AM
Go for it - either solo or with a friend or two. Have a great time!

Margie J
08-18-2001, 12:29 PM
I'd go ahead and have some fun. I've heard of more than one story where an engagement broke up and the bride-to-be took the "Honeymoon" with a friend or family member.

08-18-2001, 11:09 PM
Yes...........do WDW with a good friend. Sorry to hear your marriage plans are not working out, but if you are disapointed in not seeing Disney I agree, go. Whether alone or with a friend. I've done solo and enjoyed every minute...

08-18-2001, 11:33 PM
No question about it....go and enjoy yourself!

08-19-2001, 12:48 AM
I'd have to agree with all the others. Go and enjoy. If you aren't sure that you will be able to enjoy it alone, get a family member or friend to go with you.

08-22-2001, 12:31 AM


Go with a friend or family member, or go solo and plan to hook up with some of us DIS ers while you are there. Between DIS-Con, the Swan/Dolphin cheerleaders the ladies group that meets up sometimes, or just by talking to other solo travellers on this board I'm sure you will find plenty of company to enjoy your trip with.

08-23-2001, 01:13 PM
I would go solo or take a friend. Sorry your plans have changed regarding a wedding, but that's no reason for you not to go to WDW and have a blast! I hope you have a <b>magical</b> trip!


08-25-2001, 10:45 AM
As you can see, everyone agrees, Go and Have Fun.

Might I suggest, sell the ring and use it to help pay for the trip. I would also send him a picture of you with a big :D in WDW.

08-26-2001, 09:13 PM

My situation is a bit different. My ex always talked of going on vacations (especially to WDW), but never acted on any of them. This certainly isn't the only reason he's my ex now, but it's part of it.

It's been well over 1-1/2 years since our split and a full year since our divorce. I've since moved across the country (for other reasons other than him). But I'm planning on taking a solo trip to WDW in January just for me. Becuse it's time to do things for me, not for us. I want to go, so I'm gonna take care of myself.

I actually went in April, 2001 with my niece and nephew and I thought I'd think of "him" the whole time. Not! It was great and the memories of "him" didn't affect my trip at all in April.

By all means, go. You'll kick yourself if you don't.

And good luck, my pixie dust friend!