View Full Version : For those trying to get a deal at the Park Place Inn...

Lollipop's Mom
04-25-2005, 11:15 PM
I found a good one!
Bit of history on this... I could only get a $79 rate - the lowest I could find anywhere. Places like hotel kingdom, hotels.com, etc.. all had it at $84.
I had given up and figured I was stuck with my $49 questionable room at the Desert Inn & Suites.....but more than anything I wanted to stay at the PPInn because of the reviews.
Well I was surfing cheaptickets.com and found a rate of $67.....
Remembering from the Best Western website that they guarentee the lowest rate, and they will match it and subtract 10%, I quickly went to read the rules.
I had to first book the room on bestwestern.com at the $79 rate, then put in a claim form on their website showing where I found $67. They looked at it, and I am now getting the PP Inn for $60.30!!! Its only $11 more than the desert inn, and I was really really fretting over the terrible reviews on this place. I am soo happy!!!
FYI many other hotel chains are now offering the 'find the rate and we will beat it' deal, and ramada even offers the first night free if you find a better rate. I searched all the ramadas, and they are very much on top of it and all the rates are the same everywhere you go!

04-25-2005, 11:26 PM
Congratulations on finding a good rate at a place you really want to stay; I know you have been working very hard on that and how nice it is when the final decision is finally made. Don't forget to let us know how things go at the awards show, and have a great time!

Lollipop's Mom
04-26-2005, 07:10 PM
Just an FYI....this ended up not working. Best Western contacted me today and said that they will not honour this rate because....ready for this? I will quote from the email...
Through the cheaptickets.com website, you cannot guarantee a
nonsmoking room as you have through Bestwestern.com.

%$#@!@#$!!!!!!! I cancelled my ressie and told them to stuff it. LOL. Well not like that....I was polite. So much for customer service and standing behind a low rate guarentee.....they use little loop holes like this! grrrrr.

04-27-2005, 10:06 AM
I wouldn't worry about the Desert Inn and Suites if I were you, we are staying there with friends in Oct and I have read reviews from several different places and they all average out fine, there are some bad ones but more good ones. But that is true of even HoJos, candy cane or the others.
If you are only used to luxury and staying on property with concierge services, then you will probably be disappointed, otherwise if you are just wanting a clean room for a good price, you'll be happy.