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MainStreet, USA
04-22-2005, 02:27 AM
One of my former roommates who has since graduated, once talked me into buying an annual pass for Universal and IOA. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I have always been a much bigger fan of Disney. Well, this roommate (Brian)has since graduated, and this year, myself and another friend of mine (Matt) have purchased Disney seasonal passes, and are already talking about doing the same next year. The interesting part is that the two of us are getting an apartment, and we're sharing it with guess who else...? Yep, Brian is moving back down with us for a while. And so with myself and Matt being huge Disney fans and passholders, we obviously want to try to get Brian to jump in and buy one too, so that we might all be able to go together.

We've begun the strategizing for this already, but we're running into a bit of a quandry. Here's the problem. When we were Universal Passholders, Brian used to tease me for my dedication to Disney. He admitted that he had never been and really had little on which to base his opinions, but from what he had heard, Disney was "for the kids". He is the type who runs into IOA and does Dueling Dragons and the Hulk and Fearfall and Jurrassic Park and Spiderman... nothing but the thrill rides, over and over and over again. And then when someone finally gets sick because of it, he'd make us run across to the other park and ride MIB and Back to the Future and whatever fast-paced stuff he could find over there. He also said he was a fan of Six Flags and other such parks known for their big fancy coasters and thrill rides. How can I go about converting someone who believes in that commercial that says "Fairy tales and pixie dust not your thing?" Disney has some great thrill rides, some of which I know he'll love... but they are spread amongst multiple parks. And I just don't know how to "teach" someone how to appreciate the softer, more magical side of Disney. It's kind of one of those things you either get, or you don't.

Looking at it from his perspective, I can understand that if his thing is thrill rides primarily, then it makes sense for him to spend $150 on Universal to have two parks within walking distance and some crazy coasters. I need to find a way to convince him that it's worth the $225 for four parks that require transportation between, and each have only a couple thrill rides a piece.

I was thinking of trying to wean him onto Disney by appealing to what he does best. If I can get him to agree to one day first, I might be able to work with him. Obviously, the first thing I want to drag him on will NOT be It's a Small World, or he will go running away faster than he can say "I told you so". I do think everyone's first exposure to Disney should be the Magic Kingdom, but at the same time, I almost think he may not be fully convinced unless I hit him with some big thrills right off the bat. And I'm just not sure that someone who lives for rides like Dueling Dragons is going to be tamed by once around on Big Thunder. I know he'd be sold on some of the newer biggies like Mission:Space and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, but will that be enough? And how can I convince him to at least give it a shot?

Help me bring teach a non-believer the ways of the Disney magic!:wizard:

Captn Jack Sparrow
04-22-2005, 11:39 AM
Well MainStreet it sounds like you have the right idea....start off with the big thrill rides, I would start at MGM, because there is a mix of thrill and some great shows to...Have him try Who Wants to be a Millionaire and they have the new show there as well (name illudes me right now).

I would then try Epcot it has a lot to offer in the way of variety. Mission:Space is Great and he will want to ride that over and over i am sure....again there is the opportunity for some show and a different kind of experience with the world showcase.

If none of that works and, if he is a big video game fan, take him to disney quest (depens on your AP if it is inculded)

and if he still doesn't get it I am 36 and LOVE Disney and am currently getting ready to head off for my CP in the fall and hopefully a future Job with WDW.

Hope that helps.

MainStreet, USA
04-22-2005, 01:54 PM
Thanks. I know he'll love Mission:Space. He's an Aerospace Engineer, and he used to speak all the time about wanting to be an astronaut. So I know that one would sell him. But I just don't know if I can teach someone to appreciate all the fairy tales and pixie dust that he's been turned against. How does one learn to remember the magic? Or will someone like that be doomed to skip over fantasyland every time?

04-22-2005, 08:09 PM
Hmm well my godfather and his wife had never been before and they came with us this past June. At first they were skeptical about whether they'd like it or not. By the end of the trip we had converted them! And we didn't do anything except plan the trip! We took them to all 4 parks, hit all the major rides and shows and then the last couple of days we just let them soak in the magical atmosphere that is Disneyworld. I think some people just don't "get it" but if you're lucky, your enthusiasm for Disney will rub off on him. We tried not to be too over zealous with my godfather and his wife because we didn't want it to be an overload and have them end up hating it. We just took it easy and they ended up loving it. They're already planning a trip for themselves for next year. Hope your friend finds the magic! :wizard: