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04-19-2005, 01:18 PM
title says most of my question...

I am going out to DL on May 18, and I rented a car for the first time and wanted to know if there is a better way to DL from John Wayne... I have taken the Airport Bus the last few time i have gone, but i dont pay attention to what way we go (plus that a huge highway :) )

Thanks for any input


04-19-2005, 01:30 PM
Here is how I would go.

To get to the Disneyland Resort Area, follow the signs for the 55 North freeway/Main street parking. You will start towards reentering the airport, and end up on a bridge that goes over the 405 freeway. This will merge with the off ramp from the 405 to the 55 North. If you miss this and end up at MacArthur Boulevard turn left and heads toward the 405 Freeway. Go over the 405 freeway and the entrance to the 405 North will be on your right hand side. Stay in the right lane as this will go onto the 55 North.

If you have more than one person in the car I would suggest taking the car pool lane. Itís much easier, and less traffic. If you are taking the carpool lane, get in the left most lane. When there is an opening to enter the carpool lane get into the carpool lane. Watch for the signs. There will be a bridge to the 5 North Freeway from the carpool lane off to the left. You can either stay in the carpool lane and exit at Disney Way or exit the carpool lane and exit at Katella or Harbor Boulevard.

If you exit from the carpool lane. At Anaheim Boulevard you must go straight (the first light). You can take this street to Harbor, and then turn either left or right. Straight will put you in the Disneyland Parking lot.

If you are not taking the carpool lane on the 55 North, take the 5 North exit (on the right). Stay on the 5 and exit either Katella or Harbor depending on where you are staying.

To get to the Disneyland Parking structure or Disneyland Hotels, exit the 5 North at Harbor Boulevard. Get in the Left-hand Right turn lane (middle lane). At ball road (next light) turn left from the leftmost left turn lane. Stay in the left hand lane as it is hard to get back into this lane. Go up and over the 5 freeway, and turn left at Disneyland Drive. If you are going to Downtown Disney, or the Disneyland Hotels stay in the right-hand left turn lane. For the parking structure you may use either turn lane.

If you took the carpool lane it may be easier to exit from the Disney Way carpool exit, depending on time of day and traffic. To get to DL hotels or Parking structure from here, turn right at Clementine (3rd light after exiting freeway, and the first street you can turn right at), which will turn into Manchester. This street follows alongside the freeway and then turns turning right at the light at Harbor Blvd. You will go up and over the 5 Freeway. To get to Disneyland Hotels turn Left on Ball Road, and then Left again at Disneyland Drive (2nd Light after turning onto Ball).

If you let me know your hotel, I can probably give better directions directly there.

04-19-2005, 01:53 PM
Im staying at the DGC

04-19-2005, 03:57 PM
Wow, that was a great detailed description! I would like to know the best way to get from the DLH to John Wayne airport.

04-19-2005, 04:50 PM
To get to Grand Californian. Here are some options

Exit 5 at Katella, turn Left onto Katella. You will go under the freeway, then after a bit pass Harbor Boulevard. On your right will be DCA, left will be Convention Center. Turn right at the next light which is Disneyland Drive. Go through the first light and turn right at the next light which is the entrance to Grand Californian. You will be asked to show ID at the gate. Then pull up, check in, and they will give you a pass to take the car across the street to the parking lot. Or you can have the car valet parked.

Another option is to exit at Harbor Boulevard, turn Right on Harbor from the middle lane, and left onto Ball Road from the left left turn lane. Go up and over the 5 freeway and turn onto Disneyland Drive. This will be the second light (the one at the bridge). Stay in the right hand left turn lane and keep right after turning. You will veer off to the right when the street splits. You will pass under downtown disney. Get in the left lane. After downtown disney is the light at Grand Californian. Turn left into the entrance.

If you are in the carpool lane, exit at Disney Way. Go through the first 2 lights, and turn right at Clementine. This street follows the freeway and turns. It also changes names to manchester. The street will end at Harbor Boulevard. Turn right and go up and over the 5. Get in the left lane and turn left at Ball Road. Follow above directions for getting off the freeway at Harbor Boulevard starting at ball road.

It depends on the time of day which way you'll want to go. Katella can be very crowded especially if there is a big convention going on. It had literally take an hour to get from the 5 to Disneyland drive if there is something big at the convention center. If the freeway is busy and you can't get out of the carpool lane and over to the Katella or Harbor exit, take the carpool exit. I go this way all the time when I'm on the 5.

04-19-2005, 04:58 PM
To get to John Wayne Airport. Exit the Disneyland Hotel Parking area. Unfortunately I'm not sure where they park for a stay. I know where the lots for Paradise Pier and Grand Californian is. Not sure where the long term parking for Disneyland Hotel is.

Assuming it is the lot next to downtown Disney (which is where I think it is), you would exit onto a side street that is next to the Mickey and Friends Parking structure (can't remember the name of the street). Turn Right onto this side street. At the second light (first one is for Downtown Disney) turn left onto Disneyland Drive. Stay in the left lane. The right lane will turn right only, the left lane will go straigh and turn right. At Ball Road continue Straight on Disneyland Drive. Stay in the right lane, and just past the Sheraton Hotel is the freeway Entrance. The right lane will turn onto the 5 South. Take the 5 south to the 55 South. Then Take the 405 south. Stay in the right hand lane on the bridge (they're working on it so there may only be one lane, been awhile since I've done this). There will be an exit from the 405 ramp that goes straight into the airport. Watch for signs on which lane you'll need for where you are going.

When you get on the 5 freeway, if you have more than 1 person you may ride the carpool lane. If you get into the carpool lane soon after entering the freeway, you there will be a left hand exit for the 55 South. This will take you on a long ramp and put you in the 55 South carpool lane. Last time I did it the carpool lane exits before the 405 freeway, if not make sure you exit before the 405 freeway.