View Full Version : Can I give my res. dates to someone else or do they just go back into the computer for the first luc

02-09-2001, 07:04 PM
Kind of have a "standing res." at WDW. Last summer made them for Christmas of 2000. Have paid about $250 now, just letting WDW hold the money for me. Had hoped to pay off room/campsite before we went. Cancelled and made for June 2001 with the same money. Not sure if we will go or not yet. If we do not I will cancel and make a new res. for another date using the same money. If someone were to need a res and none were available, and if I changed my dates, could I give my old dates to someone? I would assume they would go into the computer and go to the next caller. Just wondering if there was some way to help someone out if I were able to. We really want to go to WDW, but for the same $$ we could take several different week long trips during the summer.