View Full Version : Ebay better than consignment for childrens clothes

04-03-2005, 11:27 AM
I was searching on ebay to see how much children's clothes were going for. A few were selling really good, but other things were only selling for a doller or two. I usually get $3 - $8 per item when selling at a consignment shop. Most of these clothes are new with tags. How does this compare to ebay? Any tips for a first time seller? We are trying to get rid of some clutter and earn spending money for our trip in the fall. Thanks in advance! princess:

04-03-2005, 02:01 PM
Ebay pros: Name-brand clothes will sell well for a higher price than consignment stores -- sometimes a much higher price; the best-sellers on ebay tend to be the new-with-tags; the professional ebayers go around to clearance sales and scoop up whole racks, then sell them on ebay.

Ebay cons: Off-brand clothing doesn't sell as well because people don't trust what they don't know and can't see for themselves; You must take digitial pictures, set up the auction, arrange yourself a paypal account, monitor the auction; once it's done, you must package/mail the items; the fee you pay to ebay and to paypal will cut into your profits

Consignment store pros: Simplicity -- you walk in, they look over your things, and you walk out; no need to mail things, which would really make a difference if you're looking to sell large items

Consignment store cons: The store takes a pretty big cut of the profits, and you don't make a whole lot from each item

And I'll throw out one more option: donate your old items. This won't put cash in your pocket today, but you can deduct quite a large amount from your taxes next year, possibly making donations worth more than selling. You need to keep your receipts, and you must itemize your taxes. Unlike selling, you can donate items that are not perfect, and as far as the IRS is concerned, off-brand stuff is "worth" just as much as expensive name-brands.

04-03-2005, 02:46 PM
Some very good thoughts! Thanks! :sunny: