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03-09-2001, 01:12 PM
Are there FW cabins in every loop or are some loops strictly RV and/or tent loops? We will be staying in a FW Cabin in May and I am trying to decide what my choices are. Thanks!!!

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Piglet's Pal
03-09-2001, 02:30 PM
The cabins are in loops 2100-2800--just cabins no RVs or tents. Loop 2100 is closest to the center of the campground and loop 2500 & 2600 are close to the quiet pool. All of the cabin loops are pretty far from the Marina and Pioneer Hall. You can take an internal bus to get around the campground or rent a golf cart.
Have you looked at a FW map? Jeff Spencer has one on his web site http://fly.hiwaay.net/~jlspence/
Have a great trip!

Disney Campers
03-09-2001, 09:06 PM
There is only one loop with both campers and cabins, it is the 100 loop this loop has 1 cabin and 1 wilderness home the rest of the loop is campsites.

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