View Full Version : Another "how much will I need" budget question...

03-29-2005, 01:16 PM
I'm getting down to crunch time. And, with moving the dates up so quickly, we're kind of pinched. Here is what I have paid, and what I have yet to pay - please let me know if you can think of anything else:

Vacation Rental House (check!)
Annual Passes (check!)
Disney Dining Experience Discount Card (check!)
Spending money ....??? four kids, two adults we have disney dollars for this

Need to pay: ($2548)

Meals for Disney days (estimated at $1353 pre-discounts)
Sea world - $250

Wal-Mart run for groceries, stuff for the house $200
Hotel in Destin - $100
Fast food in car - $150
Breakfast in Destin restaurant $40
Hotel & food in Atlanta $100

fast food lunch - $25
cocoa beach refreshments - $50

Gas from Destin to Orlando - 416 miles
two days at Cocoa Beach - 240 miles for all four trips
Orlando to Atlanta gas - 438 miles
Atlanta to home 541 miles
Gas from IL to Destin, FL - 791 miles

2426 miles/20 mpg = 121 gallons or 8 tanks X 35/tank = 280 gas