View Full Version : family of 6?

03-25-2005, 07:31 PM
what is the best way to get the best price for a family of 6 (2 adults & 4 children.) it looks like you can not have more that 5 people top a room.
any suggestions on how ot do a split for the cheapest way (cat 9-12)? :cool1:

03-25-2005, 07:38 PM
Adjoining category 10 staterooms i think are the most cost effective....

03-25-2005, 07:52 PM
We booked my son (12) and I in a cat 8 with a cat 11 next door with my wife and three daughters (ages 3,5,10). Worked well. My wife and I stayed in the cat 8 ocassionally the younger girls slept in there. We were not connected so we used a baby monitor to make sure the kids were going to sleep at a resonable hour. I would guess the two cat 10s that join would be the best deal. We wanted the window in the cat 8 otherwise we would have done two cat 10s. We rebooked on board and did the same arrangement.

03-25-2005, 11:05 PM
We are a family of 6. We have done it both ways, wth 2 connecting cat 10s. And most recently with a cat 6 and a cat 11 directly across the hall. WE have decided to stick with the adjoining cat 10s, simply because of the price! LOL But the 6 and 11 set up was good also.

03-26-2005, 02:29 AM
The cruise we have coming up, we are doing a 5 and 11 directly across the hall from each other. We wanted a cheaper price (11) but still wanted to have a room with a balcony (5) since it was our very first cruise ever, so we got one of each...couldn't afford 2 cat. 5's or 6's...I think next time, we might for for adjoining 10's or 9's.

03-26-2005, 09:22 AM
We are traveling with a family of 6. They didn't want inside cabins, so they are getting connecting category 9's on Deck 2. If you split the queen bed into two twins, you can have the four kids in one room and the adults can be in the other room for some more privacy. I have also read on these boards that people bring a bungee cord to keep the connecting door between the two cabins open.

03-26-2005, 01:02 PM
We are a family of 4, DDs 15 and 12 and we booked a cat. 6 and 11 across the hall. If I were you with 6 I would book a 6, 1 adult and 1 child and book 1 adult and 3 children in the cat 11. I love my cat. 6. Then myself and DW stay in the cat. 6 and DDs in the 11.......