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03-23-2005, 11:00 PM
::MickeyMo I need help figuring out the tipping expectations on the cruise. Also is lunch and breakfast in the restaraunts included in the cost of the cruise.

03-23-2005, 11:21 PM
Hi! Welcome to the Dis!

You will receive a tipping guide, so there is no need to worry about that.

Yes, breakfast and luch in a dining room/buffet/room service is included in your cruise cost :)

Have a great time :sunny:

03-23-2005, 11:23 PM
::MickeyMo I need help figuring out the tipping expectations on the cruise. Also is lunch and breakfast in the restaraunts included in the cost of the cruise.

Tipping is charged according to a set formula depending on which employee you're referring to...stateroom host, server, assistant server, head server...The tips are reflected on your final bill according to how much you have assigned to each position. Tips for room service or luggage wrangling are extra. Food is included in the cost of the cruise. Palo has a entry charge but the other restaurants are free.

03-24-2005, 06:32 AM
Try this cruise Tip calculator !


03-24-2005, 07:17 AM
thanks for the info on the calculator.

also a newbie on cruising.......what about housekeeping and those that work at the kids' club? :earsgirl:

03-24-2005, 07:21 AM
thanks for the info on the calculator.

also a newbie on cruising.......what about housekeeping and those that work at the kids' club? :earsgirl:

Housekeeping is the same as your Stateroom host. As far as the kids club, I don't think that there's a suggestion as to what to give them, but I have read that some people give them gift cards or calling cards. HTH!

03-24-2005, 07:27 AM
what would be a reasonable amount for calling or gift cards? :flower:

03-24-2005, 07:29 AM
what would be a reasonable amount for calling or gift cards? :flower:

Since I don't have kids, I've never used the calling cards or gift certificates for the kids club. But I would say maybe $10 or $15. Like I said, I haven't ever given these, but that's what I would suggest! HTH!!

03-24-2005, 07:34 AM
Thanks again for the suggestion.... :earsgirl:

03-24-2005, 07:38 AM
Thanks again for the suggestion.... :earsgirl:
You're very welcome. I think you'll enjoy cruising. If you have any other questions, just ask away!

03-24-2005, 11:50 AM
Gratuities: Everything you wanted to know about tipping!

I've read that you can charge your tips to your stateroom acct. Does that mean you could actually charges the tips to a credit card? Yes. Everything on the ship gets charged to your room. You can pay off your room charge with cash, credit card, debit card, travelers check, first born, etc..

I saw someone saying there was a line to charge the tips - can anyone clarify how this works for me? 1)When you order room service there is a line on the receipt that you can add a tip to (it used to be that you had to tip in cash to the server - recently (in the last year or so) DCL has added this capability to their system. 2)When you order drinks where there is a charge ("adult" beverages, smoothies, soda not at dinner, virgin "adult" beverages, bottled water) DCL automatically adds a 15% gratuity charge that you cannot remove. There is a line where you can add more if you want to.

It was mentioned you get tipping envelopes (do they deliver them to your cabin or do you need to pick them up somewhere)? Generally your room steward will place the gratuity envelopes on your bed the night before your last night of the cruise (i.e. 7 night cruise from Saturday to Saturday-last dinner Friday- you will get the envelopes delivered while you are at dinner on Thursday)

Also vouchers were mentioned (what does that mean)? You can go to Guest Services and charge your gratuities (for the required tipped positions) to your room. They give you two slips of paper - one is a receipt for your records and the second is the voucher that you place in your tip envelope. You give Guest Services your room number and they KNOW who your server, asst. server, head server and room steward are. Their names/positions print out on the voucher so that you know which envelope to place each voucher in. Also, since tipping is not customary in Europe, sometimes the packages they purchase will include vouchers for the tips.

Who do you tip, how much? Your Server (takes your food order and brings you your food), Assistant Server (takes your beverage order, brings the bread to the table and assists the server in delivering your food, head server (the person that makes sure that your server and assistant servers are doing their jobs. Also comes around on the last night and introduces them self and says "remember to tip me please”;) ) and Room Steward (Cleans up your room several times per day, brings you ice for your cooler, usually makes towel animals, turns down your bed and makes up the couch into a bed and sets up the pull down bed every evening. We've found these folks to be some of the nicest/friendliest people working for you.

Now for the how much (the following amounts are PER GUEST (including children) for THE ENTIRE cruise). This is from DCL's web site.
What about gratuities? (September 2004)
We'll make it easy. It is customary to give gratuities in recognition of service, which you will most likely be treated to in abundance aboard the ship. As a guideline, may we suggest the following:

Per Guest per cruise______3-Night____4-Night____7-Night
......Dining Room Server___11.00______14.75______25.75
Dining Room Asst. Server____8.00______10.75______18.75
.Dining Room Head Server____2.75_______3.75_______6.50
..Stateroom Host/Hostess___10.75______14.50______25.25
Dining Manager Your Discretion
Room Service Your Discretion

For your convenience, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine, and deck service tabs. All gratuities can be charged to your room charge.
At the Walt Disney World® Resort, 15% is the customary gratuity at restaurants and bars.

This is me again to give a real world example

So if there are 3 of you on a four night cruise your tips would be:

Server________3*14.75 = 44.25
Asst. Server__3*10.75 = 32.25
Head Server___3* 3.75 = 11.25
Stateroom_____3*14.50 = 43.50
________________Total: 131.25

So here is how the tips break down PER GUEST
3 Night Cruise - $10.83 per day or $32.50 for the cruise
4 Night Cruise - $10.94 per day or $43.75 for the cruise
7 Night Cruise - $10.89 per day or $76.25 for the cruise

How do I find the current tipping guide? Go to the DCL web site and do a search. Be sure to search for "Gratuities" NOT tip. Then to FAQ and onto the topic "What about gratuities?"

Do I really have to tip? The truthful answer (legal) is no. The real answer (ethical) is absolutely. Many of us here use this guide as the minimum tip. Many tip a little over these recommended amounts and many more tip a lot over these amounts. If you receive very poor service from any of these positions you should tip less than the recommended amount AND make an appropriate comment on the comment cards that DCL requests us to fill out at the end of our cruise. If you received a "way above and beyond the call of duty" service from ANY cast member - be sure to comment about them too!

Should I tip my waiters at breakfast and lunch? No - it's not required nor expected. If (and it's a BIG if) everyone tips to the published gratuity guide then all of the wait staff gets tipped for all meals because in reality your wait staff is working breakfast, lunch, dinner and special events (late night deserts, desert buffet, other buffets). Your standard tip covers breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire cruise - what a deal!!

Also, when is the best time to pay the tips? Do you hand each person their envelope on the last evening? Is it awkward doing that? For the waitstaff when you are at the last dinner. No, it's not awkward - it's when they expect it. For me it's been an emotional time too because generally speaking your Server and Assistant Server are very good and you've had a chance to get to know them AND the end of your cruise is near. For your room steward, just find him/her sometime on the last evening and HAND them your tip.

When should I tip my Room Steward?I like to hand my room steward their tip on the last evening of the cruise or the next morning. This is the best way to make sure that YOUR room steward receives the tip (especially if CASH is involved). It has been brought to our attention that if you leave the room stewards tip in your room they might not receive it. Why? Because extra help comes onboard to help clean up the rooms (remember Disney is doing a 4hr turnaround on the ship - wow!). This extra "help" will frequently pocket any cash left in the room for the steward, so that YOUR steward won't receive it - some stranger will. :sad2:

What other reason are there for tipping? Well, that’s how these folks get paid. DCL only pays these people about $50 per MONTH (yes month, not day, not week). Granted they also get room and board. But they usually work 16-17 hours per day 7 days a week :earseek:

Anyone else we should tip? Glad you asked. On embarkation and debarkation days porters are available to assist you with your luggage. Be sure to tip them $1 or $2 per bag. If you use their service when disembarking (and you should - they'll help you through customs) and if they take you out to the far parking lot or where the shuttles load, considering tipping them more because they will be taking longer helping you and won't be able to help as many guests.

What about gratuities for the Counselors in the kids clubs?This info was provided by DonaldFan70 - a former Counselor and Club Manager on DCL. The Counselors are NO Longer considered a non-tipped position BUT they are NOT set up with a gratuity system like the servers / asst. servers, etc. Even though you can/should tip them, all cash tips are pooled and used for department functions and any non-cash gifts (phone cards, gift cards, and BTW they love candy - but not gum - the captian frowns :( upon gum) are pooled to use as prizes at department functions. If you want a non-cash gift to go to a specific counselor you must let the manager know so that it does not get pooled. BTW - CM's must report all gifts and gratuities to their department leader / manager (DCL Company Policy)

What can I do for an exceptional CM?Make a note of their name and what they did for you on the cruise on the Guest Comment Card / Survey that you receive the last evening of the cruise. Fill it out and turn it in. CM's mentioned by name with positive comments are given opportunities to win onboard gifts and services (like a dinner at Palo, spa treatments and shore excursions). So remember, to tip your waitstaff, stewards and councelors and mention ANY CM that goes above and beyond the call of duty - you might be giving them more than praise!

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jrabbit -

thanks for such a compliation of what to do about tipping on the disney cruise line. :earsgirl:

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Try this cruise Tip calculator !

Not new to cruising DCL but I had never seen the online caculator. Thanks so much for the link!