View Full Version : Rooms 6524, 6526, 6528, 6530

03-23-2005, 12:56 PM
Anyone ever stayed in these? We have all 4 of them booked for a group of 11 people cruising in 07/06. They look nice and close to the elevators? Relatively quiet?

I'm glad both sets are connectors.

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03-23-2005, 08:31 PM

03-24-2005, 07:32 AM
We were in 6598-just down the hall- you are close to the elevators and far enough away from the laundry (6588) that it should be relatively quiet and you won't experience the heat (mugginess) from the laundry room. Looks like you are in a very convenient location.

03-24-2005, 01:20 PM
Let us know what you think, and take care of those rooms! We have a really big group - 43 people - in October 2006 in consecutive rooms 6524 through 6546! Plus 6518, and 6537 across the hall. I can't believe I was able to convince that many people to plunk down deposits 2 years out!

03-24-2005, 07:46 PM
We stayed in 6524 last month on the western magic. The room was great. We had no problems. It was nice and quiet. The room is close to the elevators mid ship. There is laundry facilities on this floor too but I didnt use it. FYI the laundry room was VERY busy on at sea days.

03-24-2005, 08:51 PM
We stayed in 6528 and 6530 on all three of our cruises and loved that location. We never heard any noise from people using the elevators. Have fun and take care of them since we will be back. : :earboy2: