View Full Version : Joined AAA and now wondering if I should buy AP!

03-22-2005, 12:19 PM
I joined AAA recently to get a better rate at ASSp. I saved $237 on our June 7 night stay (2 adjoining rooms). But I called CRO today and asked what I could get if I had an AP and I could save $395. Of course, I would have to buy the AP for another $295 (DVC discount price) in addition to the AAA membership (I joined for myself, DH and DS for $128).

We are leaving on Friday to be in WDW for 5 nights at OKW, and then we will be in WDW for 7 nights in June at ASSp and then for 5 more nights at OKW. I already have hoppers and MYW tickets, but they could always be used for future trips, if I don't use mine.

I don't know whether it is worth the money to buy an AP to get the discount on the ASSp, but I am thinking that if I figure in the 4 hoppers (old and I don't know what I paid for them) for this spring trip and the 7 day (no hopping, expiry) MYW ticket (cost of $203) that I won't have to use if I have an AP this year, it might be worth the extra money---in the long run.

This is so confusing. I'm also worried about getting the AP and then not being able to use it (weather, sickness) on any particular day of our trips.

What would you do?

03-22-2005, 12:43 PM
In the past I have "traded up" my park hoppers for APs. Wonder if you could do that for the MYW pass? In that case it would be a net difference.

Now, if you are really worried about Not using all the days then this might not be worth it to you. Just depends.

03-22-2005, 01:29 PM
I am also in the same dilemma.I am planning a trip for late september thru early october and joined AAA for the discounts but now I see all the info on the AP..I have not made any reservations yet because I'm totally confused on what to do and am worried about buying the AP and them not offering a discount..

03-22-2005, 01:53 PM
You don't need to buy the AP in advance. Wait and see how the discounts look and if you like the sound of them, make an AP reservation and then buy the AP. If I were you I would go ahead now and make the AAA reservation just so you know you have a room (and the AAA discounts could be gone if you delay) and then if the AP discounts come out make a fresh AP reservation and then cancel the AAA one. I was in a similar dilemma. I had an AAA reservation for POFQ and ASMO and was tentatively considering an AP..... when the AP discounts came out a couple of weeks ago, my TA at Small World Vacations got me fresh AP reservations and cancelled my existing AAA reservations. (I even upgraded to WL instead of ASMo).
The AP is truly worth considering, depending of course on how many days you are going. The other advantage is the DDE membership which, for 50 dollars, gives you 20% off many WDW restaurants.
Good luck in your decision.

03-22-2005, 08:30 PM
Thanks for responding, and thanks, CarolA for that advice! I haven't paid any attention when I see threads about trading up, but that would definitely solve my dilemma because then I wouldn't need to think in terms of buying (two) more tickets. I really think two AP's (myself and DH) would be so nice (for those evenings when we want to walk around Epcot alone if we've been at a waterpark or no park at all and at least they already have the park hopping option, too. Of course, my oldest DS just informed me he has been feeling a little ill---we leave in a few more days!

But I am definitely going to check into the upgrading. I did make my reservations first, made AAA reservations with Dreams Unlimited, and called Disney again to see what it would be with AP and I got them to change my original reservation to AP discount. If I don't show up with an AP, I pay rack rates (if I keep WDW reservations.) By the way, DU had the same discount with AAA as Disney.

Thanks! Debbie