View Full Version : Wed Lunchtime Chat...What would you change at Disney?

08-07-2001, 11:37 PM
<font color=green><font size=3><font face=tahoma>If you could change one thing in Disney, what would it be? Would you add another attraction or say goodbye to something instead? Join our Lunchtime chat with <b>Beaniejumper</b> and <b>Nativetxn</b> in the Main Lobby...Wednesday afternoon at 1:00pm EST as we discuss</font></font></font>

<font color=purple><font size=5><font face=tahoma><marquee>What is the one thing you would change at Disney?</marquee></font></font></font>

<font color=orange><font size=3><font face=tahoma><b>Lunchtime Chat is lots of fun, so please stop by...To get to the chat room please
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