View Full Version : Autotrain - Sleeping Arrangements for Us and 1 & 2 Year Olds?

02-22-2005, 11:30 PM
We currently have a Superliner Bedroom on hold on the Autotrain for 2 adults (my husband and myself) and our two children (age 1 and age 2). Will that work? I am really hoping so, because our oldest son is really excited about taking the train, and Dad is excited about not having to drive for at least the trip down to Disney.

We opted for the Superliner Bedroom over the Family Bedroom, since the Superliner Bedroom has its own bath, and the children are both too little to sleep by themselves in the small beds the Family Bedroom had. That sounds logical to me and doable, but has anyone done this? How did you handle the sleeping?

Who got what bunks and did you get any rest at all, or were you afraid you would roll off the edge all night? The upper bunk is just 2' 4" wide! The lower isn't much better. It is 3' 4" wide. Was the chair that reclines an option, or did they take that out at night? Just thinking that might be safer for me and the baby. Husband could sleep on the lower bed with 2 year old.

We have a week to decide about this. I think it's gona be OK, but I really need to hear from someone who had basically the same senario going on. This is a lot of money for us, and I want to get this right. Help!!! Thanks.

02-23-2005, 08:53 AM
I don't think the chair reclines enough for sleep. You might be able to put the little one somehow on the chair, up against the lower bunk, with pillows in the armholes so he/she didn't fall out. I've slept in the bottom with my DD who was as old as 10, Not the most comfy, but doable. We've also done the foot to foot sleeping for more room, but not sure that would be an option. From our experience, the top bunk is DEFINITELY for only 1 person. Small and close to the ceiling. You might try posting this question on one of the Amtrak forums. I know there is one at Flyertalk, and I think at trainweb, also. Those people REALLY know trains!


02-23-2005, 04:18 PM
I had trouble accessing the forums, so I called Amtrack back and had them talk to me about the two rooms, keeping your thoughts in mind...

The person I spoke to at Amtrack suggested that maybe I could sleep on the bottom bunk with both children. DH would sleep on top bunk by himself, since it is so small. They didn't recommend putting the 2 year old up there with him, and they did confirm the chair doesn't recline.

I think at this point we will keep the Superliner Bedroom, but I have an open mind, if any of you think the aforementioned plan won't work. Oh, and I did ask the Amtrack representative about whether people ever bring something for the baby to sleep on the floor in. The person didn't seem to like the idea, and even as I said it, it sounded like a bad idea to me too.

Anyway, thanks again!

02-24-2005, 08:46 AM
We did the Family Bedroom in September with my 3 year old twins and husband. I was actually surprised that the girls did as well as they did in the top bunk (they took turns). If we had gone when they were younger I would have let my husband have the top, put one of the twins in the side bunk on the bottom and let the other one sleep with me in the bigger bed on the bottom. The bathroom was down the hall so that was kinda a pain especially since you can barely fit one person in there much less myself and a child! Overall I was very happy with my choice. There was actually room in there for the kids to mover around without us being on top of each other. We your kids the ages they are it might be better to get the family room since they are probably not using the potty yet. There is one thing I wished that I knew before I went....when you are not in your room you must have on shoes to go anywhere. So no walking from the room to the toilet without putting on shoes first! Whatever you decide you will have fun!!

DVC Chris
02-24-2005, 09:12 AM
I think two children and two adults in a Superliner bedroom would be tight at best. The lower bunk is barely bigger than a twin bed and the upper bunk is small as well. Unless you're VERY thin, you will be very uncomfortable in the lower bunk with the two children. Once the beds are open, there is very little floor space to put (or fit) any additional items for another bed or whatever. The only floor space that is basically available when the bed is down is an approx 3 ft X 3 ft space in front of the bathroom door. The "reclining chairs" that they mention actually fold out to become the bottom bunk. The thrid seat is a foldup seat, that does NOT recline and can fold up and be placed under the bunk (although the car attendents don't like doing that.)

With that many folks, you have a few options (albeit more expensive ones): 1) get two roomettes and use the 'community bathrooms' - each parent sleeps in each room with the child, 2) get the family room - the bathrooms (3) and shower room are located practically right outside the family room, 3) get two bedrooms and have them open the wall in between them to create a 'suite' - this is the most expensive option.

My wife and I have traveled the Auto-Train about 5 times in the past and enjoy it each time we go.

Hope this helps!!!