View Full Version : Printing SW Boarding Passes at 12:01 from Wonder

02-20-2005, 05:34 PM
I was wondering if guest services will print SW boarding pass or is that something I will have to do myself at the computer terminal site on board. :wave: thanks Les

02-20-2005, 07:35 PM
You might want to ask this on the cruise board. They would have a better idea if guest services would do this for you.

02-21-2005, 09:38 AM
I just did this last week. You have to use the internet cafe and log onto SWA's website. I got charged the $.75/minute usage fee, but not a per page print charge (no one was at the internet desk when I was using it.) It took about 3 minutes for me to do it all (I had 3 separate reservations to print out)

02-21-2005, 01:30 PM
Thanks for the info about the internet cafe procedure. I thought I had previously read that. Thanks for the verification.Another item off my list..53 days and counting...Les :cheer2: