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02-19-2005, 04:00 PM
We are going to play the airport game.:cheer2:
We are leaving 3 days early which is Wednesday the 23. day before Thanksgiving. Also the Most travelled day of the YEAR. The second is the 25 of November day after Thanksgiving.
We are going to hope to get bumped off and get more free tickets. ALL airlines over book there flights and we are going to take advantage of it. Oh well we have to wait to get to Orlando. But it's worth it if you are paying 350.00 a ticket from Portland Oregon. :teacher:
We have been successful for the last 12 years in getting bumped off 7 times that we have traveled. Some would not think this is fun but free tickets are free tickets. Sometime they give you two ticket each...Now do you think it is work it or not . IF we left the 25th It is also a chance of getting bumped and missing the cruise. Not Worth it

02-20-2005, 11:00 AM
I respect each person's right to value their time and prioritize their expenditures. I cut my own grass but pay to have my oil changed, for example, while others may make different decisions on those services. As for your style of "airport game", you mention $350 per ticket--but don't say (or if you did and I missed it, I apologize) how many of you there are. So does getting bumped put $700 in your pocket, or $1400...how much? Also, what are your thanksgiving day plans? Have those ever been infringed upon by this method of planning to be bumped? If so, what is your holiday worth to you? Agree totally that it would be unwise to risk missing the cruise. A no-brainer.

I've stepped off a flight to get a free flight coupon. When it hasn't caused me to miss anything I did not want to miss. Example--afternoon meeting in New Orleans, was taking morning flight, to have some extra time and get a really good lunch before the meeting. Got the free ticket, grabbed a po-boy when I got into town instead and ate it as my meeting started. That was worthwhile to me.

If the cost-benefit analysis works, go for it. And if your personal values make the "game" aspect of it into an intangible value that you enjoy, well, so much the better. Personally, I hate travelling on Thanksgiving weekend at all, refuse to fly that weekend, and either stay home or at most travel 200 miles by car Thanksgiving morning to in-laws. Last time I flew that weekend was when my sister scheduled her wedding for Thanksgiving--and the last thing I wanted was to travel to the Northeast that weekend, and to have to pack heavy because of the wedding. So last week when she called to let me know she was filing for divorce from that husband, in the back of my mind I thought "see, it really was an unnecessary trip".

Good luck with getting bumped but not missing much, good luck with the weather on the cruise, and enjoy the holiday.

02-20-2005, 01:24 PM
we were on the same Eastern cruise last year (Saturday) right after Thankgiving. we also left the morning after Thanksgiving to get into Orlando early. (i missed Black Friday). There were no delays on my flight. There were two rows of empty seats in the back. American Airlines handled everything smoothly.

This was our vacation and with two small children & countless of carryon bags full of their toys for a 6 hour flight is not worth me and DH waiting around the airport to get bumped for free tickets. my DH will never consider getting bumped for free tickets especially if his family will be miserable waiting around for the next flight. Sometimes we do have to choose what is important to us and for us it's time...quality time.

If it works for you, great...more power to you! have fun on your Eastern! The weather is SPECTACULAR at that time.

02-20-2005, 06:43 PM
As long as you have the extra time built into your schedule and you don't mind (or even want it), it's great if you get bumped. Of course, it's very possible that you won't get bumped, so you have to plan for that, too. Maybe have a plan A and plan B worked out, for getting bumped or not, and look forward to each plan. That way however it turns out you'll be ready for it and will look forward to it. And free tickets would be great!


02-20-2005, 06:44 PM
Oh, and hi Oregonian! I'm originally from Klamath Falls, but haven't lived there for many years.


02-20-2005, 06:54 PM
To each their own....if there's any chance of missing your cruise I wouldn't do it! Good luck!

02-20-2005, 07:36 PM
WELL first there is 3 of us . Second WE are really into Holidays and we are going to have Thanksgiving on Tuesday instead of THursday.
WE are going to shop Black Friday in Orlando A lot more stores than in Bend, ORegon. We are going to try it if we do not get bumped we will just arrive early as we have already booked

02-21-2005, 12:33 AM
Hello! We know of Bend, we live in Boise. I don't think that is too far from where you are. We have people come here shopping at the Boise Malls and other shops from Bend all the time! We are going to be on that same cruise this coming November too! :Pinkbounc
We will be traveling on Thanksgiving day, but due to a stopover in Las Vegas, we will be able to spend some Thanksgiving time with family that we otherwise wouldn't have had, so traveling at that time is worth it for us! Haven't thought about the possibillity of taking a bump though...we probably won't because there are 6 of us all together, and that would be hard on our kids....
We will see you on the cruise, neighbor! I know that WE are SOOO excited!