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02-17-2005, 09:18 AM
I don't quite understand the differences between the advance purchase, fun fares, promotional fares, internet one way, etc. pricing. I click for a description but I don't really see any differences between them. Are there any I should avoid??? Of course I lean towards the lowest price but is there a reason I shouldn't go with those tickets.

We would fly out of PHL if it means saving us some money. Spirit out of AC right now is 124/each way and SW out of Philly is as low as $79. They also have more flights then Spirit and we can play with times to get more time out of our vacation.

I've never flown out of Philly or on Southwest before, can someone please guide me thru the process please!!!

02-17-2005, 12:40 PM
The only ticket that's refundable is the full-price fare which will be at the far left. Internet only fares are almost always the lowest and appear at the far right. As the name implies, these can only be booked on the internet and not over the phone. The only difference in the discounted fares (such as fun fares, promotional fares, internet) is that some may have advance purchase requirements (i.e. 7, 14, or 21 days), or some may require round-trip travel.

I'd get the lowest price, as I've never seen a reason to get a higher priced ticket. Note that the lowest price may not be available on all flights, and you may have to pay a bit more to get a time you prefer. I balance price and flight time to choose my flights. I average about 4 flights a year on Southwest and love them!

bubba's mom
02-17-2005, 12:50 PM
I'd get the lowest price, as I've never seen a reason to get a higher priced ticket........Southwest and love them!

I agree! ::yes:: We used to fly USAir from PHL to MCO every year...and hated USAir!! Last year when SW opened gates at PHL, we tried them. Loved them and I'm waiting (actually now) for them to open bookings past June 6. Go with SW and start at the lowest fare and (if you have to) work your way back! Good luck!!

02-17-2005, 09:12 PM
thanks, some of their mumbo jumbo wording had me confused. So, if it shows available then I can book it?? I knew it had to be simple, just book the lowest available price.

BUT.... I want to fly out the evening before *IF* I can get a room discount (which isn't out yet) so I can't really book my flights yet. If I booked them for friday and decided to fly out thursday evening could I make the change?? Do they charge a fee or just whatever the current prices are?

I am guessing I'm better off waiting until I know for sure, right?

02-17-2005, 09:18 PM
There is no change ticket fee on Southwest. You can cancel your original flight and have the money go into a ticketless travel fund, then re-book for what you want or you can go to the "travel center" on the website and just change your flights. The only thing you will have to pay is if there is a difference in the price of the tickets. The ticketless travel funds are good for one year from the date of original booking.

P.S. They have released their schedule through August as of today!!!

02-18-2005, 09:58 AM
Most people probably know this already but we didn't - For any fare other than "Internet" only you can put a 24 hour hold on tickets by calling and talking with a SW agent. By the time we booked on SW we got a "Promotional Fare" (still better than any other airline from our airports) and used that hold while we continued to check around. For some reason we just didn't think that SW had that option and it was very helpful. Worked for us!

02-18-2005, 10:50 AM
On SW and any other airline the "hold" is a courtsey hold and if the airfare goes up during the time you are on "hold" so does yours.