View Full Version : Amerisuites-Orlando-large group -Help

02-16-2005, 06:04 PM
2-1/2 items:
1. How walkable is the "mile" from Amerisuites (Next to Holiday Inn & Days Inn-Maingate) to Universal Citywlk/HardRock.
I have a HighSchool group of 125 and a few moms say we need a shuttle or coach bus due to crossing a "major 7 lane highway". Depending who I talk to, others say you simply cross the street at a traffic light and you're in the parking lot.

2. If I do decide to shuttle, any good (read cheap) shuttle buses as opposed to Coach buses (55 seats). I could go with an 11 seater or 24 seater or whatever and simply make a couple of trips (its a mile, come on).

2.5. Any recommendations on buses from the airport to Universal. I have 3 flights of 59, 19 and 79. I have a quote from Mears and want a reliable alternative. Much Thanks!!!