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02-05-2005, 12:21 AM
ok so my question is what is there to do in KeyWest? First off we are not drinkers so Bar Hopping is out... Secondly I have been to Key West already but some of the people in the party have not..

any advice will be wonderful and greatly appreciated !!! :sunny:

02-05-2005, 12:39 AM
ok so my question is what is there to do in KeyWest? First off we are not drinkers so Bar Hopping is out... Secondly I have been to Key West already but some of the people in the party have not..

any advice will be wonderful and greatly appreciated !!! :sunny:

Oh, do the trolly tour with the museum and the aquarium at the end. You get through early enough to do something else and still have had the trolly ride to orient you in the city...You could also contact Shirley at The Perfect Gift and she will send you LOTS of info about Key West and, as she is practically a founding Mother there, she can give you ideas based on what you're interested in...

I don't have her number any longer but many who post here do and should chime in shortly...

02-05-2005, 01:00 AM
I highly recommend the scavenger hunt! rent small motor cart (they look like a VW bug with no doors) and drive all over the island exploring. THis is most fun with a large group. I wish I had the name but I think it is called "sourthern most scavenger hunt" I believe they also have a website.

Hope this helps, It was a great way to spend the day with the family!


02-05-2005, 04:25 AM
Ask me anything about Key West and I will tell ya or send it to you.
Being a 4 generation conch and married to a 4 generation conch, we most of the time get the heads up on what is happening down there - I do have lots of information on Key West that I will send without no strings attached.
Drop me a note at snelsonbrown@aol.com ok?
Norm and I were suppose to go to Key West last week and Norm took sick and had to have a bunch of test so we have postponed our trip until after Valentine's Day. Each time we go down, we check stuff out.
Anyhow to really have fun in Key West - GET OFF DUVAL STREET - head toward White Street, up Flagler or up to the Roosevelt Blvd - try all the side streets - the further you get away from "old town", the more you will see what Key West is like - of course it is NOTHING like I grew up in and all the old conchs are leaving due to a lot of pressures, but it is still a beautiful island.
If I can help further, drop me a note

02-05-2005, 01:34 PM
Hi Shirley,

Sorry to hear about Norm. We hope everything is ok. Does this mean that you guys will be in town when we are going on the Wonder? If so, what time is your shop open until on Saturday night? We don't get in until sometime after 4:00 on Saturday and are renting a car to go to the Radisson. We would love to stop in and say hello. Are you open on Sunday morning?


02-05-2005, 05:00 PM
I heard that the Jungle Tour is a lot of fun. We were supposed to go to Key West on our 9/11/04 cruise but hurricane Ivan got in the way. We were planning on doing the Jungle Tour, which from what I understand is a 2 1/2 hour tour where you drive a little "speedboat" (like a SeaDoo, I believe) through the mangroves. You can check it out at www.jungletour.com.

Stacy :banana:

02-06-2005, 02:21 AM
Thank You ALL !!! :flower:

shirley--i emailed you :goodvibes

we don't leave til 2006 so we have ALOT of time to prepare!!
i am just an obbsessive compulsive planner especially when it comes to DCL

:banana: :banana:

Thanks Again

02-06-2005, 06:12 AM
To me Key West was awesome to grow up in - it really was a paradise but us kids didn't think so at the time - we were very confined to an island and if a hurricane took out a bridge or a road, noone was in a hurry to get it fixed - we really lived on Key West time - our water has always been piped in from Miami and our food came from the sea - and the medicines came from different herbs that grew wild on the island so who cared - to leave Key West for a few days was exciting - we would go to the wild city of Miami or it was wild to us kids - we could ride an elevator and even better escalator - eat at a real restaurant and most of all go to a very large theatre - of course we felt their living was strange and the fact there was little music (latin of course) so after a couple days, we would look forward to going back to our island where everyone knew everyone and we felt safe -
anyhow a little about Key West - Norm and I head out of here I hope on the 25th and will come home on Monday - we hope to be in Key West while the Magic is there - I have excellent help and the shop is in good hands.
Anyhow while in Key West and if you have any questions and will be down there - just give Norm and I a call - the number is 321-508-2246 - besides you should have it in case of something -
Have a great sunday.
Shirley and Norm
2 ol' conchs :teeth: :teeth:

02-06-2005, 09:05 AM
The site for the scavenger hunt is http://www.keywesthunt.com/. It sounds really fun. I want to see the island. We'll be on the 2/26/2005 Western and we are amped! I would like to rent bikes and just tool around the island. I want to get some exercise and just enjoy the sunshine and green. CT isn't so green these days - just white and brown(dirt for icy conditions!!).

We went to Key West in 2003 and Shirley's right. Duval Street isn't the place to stay. There's only so many shops I want to see about drinking, farting, drinking and again... farting. We did go off the beaten path to see some beautiful houses and plants. We walked the wharf and just enjoyed the sites.


12-02-2005, 05:40 PM
wow im a conch too anyway i would suggest Mallary Square and heres a tip the guy who jumps through a hoop over a person on a bicycle is REALLY the guy who hangs upside down in the chains! or atleast we think so. he said he wasnt but were pretty sure he's lieing.

12-02-2005, 08:38 PM
I second the Mallory Square. The sunset celebration thing was a lot of fun. We went twice and both nights they had different performers there. My brother wanted to go every night, he enjoyed it so much. LOL.

12-03-2005, 12:25 PM
This is inkkognito, posting under hubby's ID:

My favorite sunset act is the Cat Man and his performing housecats. He does his show near the ship; you can even see it from deck 9 or 10 (and from the spa villas). Speaking of cats, it's also cool to check out Hemingway's house, which has polydactyl cats roaming the grounds (Shirley, when I think of that, it always makes me think of Hemingway throwing rocks to scare away the kids when you were a little girl!).


12-03-2005, 02:38 PM

It will be just DH & Myself cruising next year. :banana:

I know we definatly wanna see the sunset @ Mallory square. Is it far to walk there from ship? Also are there any good bars / restaurants you would recomend and any good shops?

We are from UK so shopping is a lot cheaper in US !


12-03-2005, 03:16 PM
I like PT's what i think is a Bar/Resturant but thats just my opinion.

12-03-2005, 05:24 PM
Major Nelson - you say you are a conch???? My maiden and family's name was Nelson - who was your family, what part of Key West did you live? My spanish side lived on Whitehead Street and then Virginia Street - my bahamian side lived on Pine Street and Olivia Street. My husband is Norman Hicks who was the postman there in Key West for 40 years - drop me a note at snelsonbrown@aol.com and Norm's email address is KWNorm@aol.com.
Hey Barb - can you believe that when Norm and I go "home" next month, we plan to go to the Hemingway home which will be my first time. Gossip has it that Mr. Hemingway "haunts" his house - do you think he will be throwing rocks at me again? :rotfl2:
Listen to anyone that wants Key West information - if you will send me a LARGE manilla envelope and address it and with about $3.75, when Norm and I go down, we will fill it up and mail it right there from our hometown.
Key West is still reeling from Wilma so our trip there should be very interesting.
Oh mail your envelopes to The Perfect Gift, 6550 North Atlantic Avenue, Cape Canaveral, Fla 32920 -----you MUST BE SAILING after January 2006 tho.
We had friends that tried the scavenge Hunt and of course it was easy for them since they were born and raised in Key West - they did say it was fun tho since it brought back a lot of memories. The best way to get around KW is the electric cars. My sister Rose and her kids rented one in June when she went down and found it so easy to get around and SHE LOVED IT.
Anyhow if I can help any further with Key West information, just let me know and Major Nelson PLEASE PLEASE drop me a note.
Blessings always
Shirley and Norm
the 2 ol' conchs from Caya Hueso (island of bones)

12-03-2005, 05:41 PM
You are so kind! I am going to take you up on that offer! We sail in March and this will be our first visit to Key West, so I would love some information to read through! I'll be sending an envelope and $$ for postage your way....

btw - my mother's name is Shirley :goodvibes

Thanks again, MickeyMagic (aka Sue)

12-03-2005, 05:50 PM
Hi Shirley. I am going to mail you an evelope. Thank you for the offer. We are going to key west next July. :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

12-03-2005, 11:46 PM
Another idea for the sports or nature minded: my son and I took the kayak tour (DLC excursion) in the morning so we had the afternoon to shop and sightsee.

You don't have to be in super shape to do it and it was nice to be out in the Mangrove trees and learn about the area. And, I'm a Sloppy Joe's/Margaritaville/shopping kinda girl . :teeth:

12-04-2005, 03:10 AM
Since I had never been to Key West before, I did the trolley tour, the museum and the aquarium. That took most of my morning and I did enjoy it.

I had conch fritters for lunch and then roamed the tourist shops, some of the streets (I loved the architecture) and the cemetary. After that I was tired out so I watched the sunset and the activity at Mallory square from the ship.

Has anyone done a Ghost Tour?

12-04-2005, 03:35 AM
:) I get super surprise when someone speaks of the Kayak tours because I do know for a fact when they first started them several years or so ago, they would take a route that once was the salt ponds and if you looked good, you would see the back of ol conchs houses. Needless to say they would get a big charge out of it - now I understand you leave from Stock Island and go around Cow Key which is right off US1 - our sea life is NOTHING like it use to be - our waters have been fished out, conched out and even the stone and blue crabs have been chased out - as for the lobsters, that can be forgotten also. If I had to go kayaking, I would want to be the waters that sea life still exist in - growing up in Key West was a world of nature, but unfortunalty it is gone for good. Things to do in Key West - Key West has a lot of history for those that enjoy history of the pirate days - the cemetery holds so much to see tho this may not be a thing for children - we have had quite a number of "characters " that lived in Key West and made life interesting for those that lived AND visited there - we have Mr. Garcia that had a second 'life" and his wife put on his grave marker "well I know where he is sleeping tonight"
and then Mr. Roberts has "I told you I was sick" - my uncle Joe had 32 nicknames put on his headstone such as Tio Uncle Joe, Mr. Clean, Baldie, in fact every name he had been nicknamed over the years English and spanish.
Then you have Mrs. Pita that didn't want to be buried underground so her "place is in the sun" - her resting place is on stilts - these are to name a few. If you will stay off the main tourist streets, you will have a better time.
You can walk to the library on Fleming St and see some of the most interesting pictures of KW way back when. You can go to Messon de Pepe either at Mallory Square or on the Blvd, have lunch with the locals and really meet some interesting folks - Now as I said Key West was almost destroyed by Wilma and many of the side streets have not recovered. I know many of my family and friends are still struggling with overwhelming destruction so there may be places that you still can't travel into. Buddy Owens that owns the restaurant is a friend of the family - I believe he calls it BO restaurant there off Duval Street and then you have 2 Friends Bar and Grill right on Front Street - do you know that once upon a time this place was barred by our parents - it was a sailor's choice during the 40's and 50's and of course drinking and us girls if we would have been caught ''THAT'' side of KW, most likely we would have been restricted for life. I got to go a few years ago and it is so nice. the food is great and so is the music. I expected at any moment for my family to come from the other side and snatch my sister and I out of there :) - we really did enjoy it -
anyhow just thought I would share some stuff with ya.
Blessings always
Shirley and Norm
2 ol conchs

12-08-2005, 09:29 AM
Actually my real last name isnt nelson its just a fictional NASA Major's name and also right now i live on Big Pine and also just to give you some Uncertain info at the Circle K gas station near the ball park i think somewhere in there their giving away free brochures to residents of monroe county for a free trip on the Schooner Western Union AKA the flag ship of Key West and also on the brochure theres a free trip on the Yankee Freedom 2 to Fort Jefferson for 2 free seats and additional seats for 39$ im not sure if the Western Union is only availible for a certain time of day and also i dont know if the brochures are still there but we took the stargazing trip and enjoyed it and we got all the conch chowder and water and soda we could digest! and beer for people who are 21 and older. or is it 18 and older? anyway i think they expire on the 20th of this month anyway we enjoyed it and we took the ft jefferson trip a couple of years ago i didnt particularly enjoy it but im sure other people would and also to bring back up the fact that these brochures are only availible to Monroe County Residents. and also the western union 1 is only good for 10 seats. This info is uncertain and dont blame me if im wrong about a piece of info about it.

12-08-2005, 11:12 AM
We did the catamaran racing shore excursion and had a lot of fun.