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02-04-2005, 04:14 PM
Hello i am a bit confused i was looking at the menus for 7 night western and i see the restraunts and understand the rotations but what is master chef night captains gala it's a small world ect? hope someone could explain thanks

02-04-2005, 09:30 PM
These are nights when all 3 restaurants serve the same menu. There are several web sites where you can view the menus.

There are 3 nights when the restaurants each serve their signature menu--thus, on those nights, each restaurant will be serving different food. However, since you would normally rotate thru all 3, you will have a chance to experience each one.

Then on the "themed" nights (like Captain's Gala, pirate, etc.) all 3 serve the same food. Is this clear as mud? I sometimes don't explain things well.